Only we can fix this site!

(Spooningbards) #21

Negative? More like realistic. This is their business. Artists who used to sell thousands of packs in one month have sold 0 over a several month period - you’re telling users who make the content for NeonMob to be optimistic when they’re making absolutely nothing for their efforts. Sure, there are those who release amateur packs, too, but we aren’t the ones putting in the effort to release pro packs.

As JB said, do some research before getting annoyed that no one wants to back your idea of promoting for them over a youtube video - the problem lies in the system, and the admins/staff need to be the ones to fix it. You’re free to do all the shout outs you want, but it’s ridiculous for you to guilt-trip the remaining users who are still giving the site a chance when they’ve been here since the beginning and realize the extent of what it will take to pick Neonmob back up.

You cannot force them to care, you cannot force change when others have been attempting for months to get through to the staff and it’s the equivalent of talking to a wall.

(Hellivioze) #22

People used to encourage artists and collectors to join the site. With the changes, I personally won’t recommend people to join and a lot of others feel the same way. Its just not worth it for artists to put in their hard work and not make a decent amount from it. Collectors, if you’re going to be free to play then I wish you luck. I only recently gave up on a few new series due to the inability to pull a chase. If I can’t get 1, Im not going to be able to get the rest of them within a month when they go out of print.

Me, Im just finishing off the series that I started before the august update then im stopping my trades in a hope that NeonMob will get their shit together.

(Dr Lavacookies) #23

spooningbards peopleschampion silvermelowldy
OK this site is fucked we can’t do anything about it!
i thought that if more people joined the community
would at least stay alive but you guys just don’t want to
save this site you’ve given up hope
if you guys don’t think this site can’t be saved you should
just join another site that’s like this one

(Spooningbards) #25

I don’t think you understand how businesses work, nor do I see you putting forth the effort to draw users in, or communicate with the staff. It’s cute how you think the site is failing because of the user base, though, and not the actual staff who, you know, runs it.

(Hellivioze) #26

Thats pretty much what members did, They left this site and joined other ones. The only hope is for the staff to change it back to the way it was

(JB) #27

Yes, the site has taken a bad turn - the point is no matter how much advertising or recruiting you do - the current “product” is the problem. Users will not stay if the product doesn’t hold them here.

We haven’t given up - obviously - since we are still here.
We have just stopped begging the wall of silence the admins have erected.

Either they will fix it or not.
They have to - and hope we are still here once they do.

(Peopleschampion) #28

“if you guys don’t think this site can’t be saved you should just join another site that’s like this one”

Funny thing, I think that’s what most of the staff did already.

(Dr Lavacookies) #29

cuz i don’t have any social media

(Spooningbards) #30

So you’re ultimately getting mad at the users who aren’t doing this for you because you don’t want to make the effort to get a social media account of your own? … so you never even intended to do this shout out yourself, and yet you’re pushing users who have been here longer (and who initially put money into the game) to bring members to the site because you just discovered NM and want to have fun, regardless of the state of the site.

You say ‘we’, but you really mean ‘you’ in the post title.

(Dr Lavacookies) #31

i’m not getting mad at anybody
and social media isn’t the only way to
talk to a large group of people

(JB) #32

Sadly, I think you are missing the main point of our responses.

Basically, we shared that we had - as a community - as a large voice - through many other forum posts, facebook pleas and emails shared our voice about the changes the admins made - and how it wasn’t in, what we felt, the spirit of the site.

The admins have not responded, or made any change to reverse what they have done.

Older users, saddened and frustrated, left or went inactive. That was the voice the admins left us. The decreased revenue from users buying packs as well as the decreased overall site activity were the only voices we had left to us.

Now, if we promote this site and try to bring in new users - they will be just that, and not know the minefield they are walking into.

  • They will be frustrated when opening packs and never finishing a set unless they pull for months, or spend money.
  • They will have challenges trying to trade for older sets since many are out of free packs or sold out and users with these are inactive.
  • Artists aren’t making nearly the profits they used to, if at all, so asking an artist to come here and essentially donate their hard work is not fair.

The point is - until admins make remediations to this site, it will never hold newer users.

The point is - the admins have to do something - as in “only THEY can fix this site”.

Please, understand - we don’t need to talk to a “large group of people”.
Random new users will not save the site, since the overall model does not promote long term users.

But perhaps that the overall plan - let all the old users who remember what this site was before - let them leave, and try to start over with a whole batch of new users that have no idea what this site originally was.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this site, which is why I am still here, hoping to see this site turn around, so I can proudly promote it to my friends once again. I hope - everyday - but I am done begging a wall of silence.

(Spooningbards) #34

Yes, this.

(Dr Lavacookies) #35

i find it funny that becuz i collect yu-gi-oh cards i’m used to getting 1 card with a higher rarety
than commen every 6 cards in my opinion these cards are easyer to collect than yu-gi-oh cards
i only saw there were not a lot of people active on this site when nobody replied to my comment
that i needed help with a set i’m making i still didn’t finish it i looked in the comments of a fuw months
ago to find out what’s going on and then i knew what was going on so i made this post that was a
month ago i thought we could fix it but by now i’ve started to realise that it can’t be fixed

(JB) #36

I really don’t find it funny. Your thoughts were in the right place, but you moved forward without all of the facts.

Even with good intentions, harm can still be done, and for people like me that tried, offense was taken,.

If you really read what was happening as you say, then perhaps you would have suggested a petition or an email campaign, something that current users could do to try to improve the site.

I am glad you are enjoying the site, and I hope you continue to as long as it lasts.

Also, on a side note - please, no more run on sentences. This doesn’t help communicate your thoughts/opinions well.

Good luck with your collecting - wherever you do it.

(Hellivioze) #37

I do Yu-Gi-Oh as well so know the comparisons involved. With Yu-Gi-Oh, when I get a pack, I know I am going to get a rare and a foil of some type. Also, you have a secondary market involved which NeonMob doesn’t allow.

(Weirdmike) #38

Why not get everyone on this site that knows how to possibly code (like me) and just go about making a new website that is properly managed, takes polls before making changes to the site, has a legit help desk, is responsive on social media and whatnot?

I’d be will to invest a lot of time into getting a new site up that does everything that every loved when they joined.

When I was first told about this site (Whitney) personally hit me up on Behance and I’ve been here ever since watching things fall apart and it blows that no one on the staff gives any head’s up before implementing major changes, (Whitney) has been gone for what feels like forever and no one’s making money and everything seems really repetitive.

If anyone would be interested in helping out with a new site, lemme know, as I’m all for artists making what they deserve to make.

(Castinbronze) #39

there was talk about this within a group of very active and engaged users during the August purge, but ultimately it was an excercise in herding cats…

(GreenSpleen) #40

Yeah….to me it’s almost as if due to the lack of users on the site, not enough voting has been going on. When creators want to submit new pro series ideas, their votes are a lot smaller. Is this site really clearing out?

I can’t reach the vote potential like before thanks to this drought of visitors.