Only we can fix this site!

(Dr Lavacookies) #1

guys we need to find a solution!
i think we can save this site
just like when Lockstin Gnoggin
gave this site a shout out it blew some new life
in it (including me)
i think that if some youtubers give this site a shout out
this site will have a decent community again
is someone of you a youtuber or can you get in contact
with one please make this site have a community again!!!

(Sephtis) #2

Unless the site rolls back to how things used to be, or an update with some major improvements, youtube fame would only give a brief bit of action. This site is on a slow but sure death spiral unless it’s fixed.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #3

Many users including me feel, that after the last change the website doesn’t deserve any shout-out. Neonmob has worsened the conditions for creators and the collectors with the last system change. Creators now have a hard time to earn any money unlike before. Neonmob removed the exclusive series option offering much higher royalities and with the new pack opening system worsened the chance to draw higher raritiy cards. The game has become quite boring.

The loss of players is just what the bosses of Neonmob deserve for that. I for my part won’t recommend this website to any creator. I would rather caution them.

(Dr Lavacookies) #4

collecting and making an amatur series is just as fun
not everybody needs money so bad that they make
series on neonmob for a living
tho changing the site back to the way it was
would help the site out we need to do our part to
by making the site gain users

(Mattressmuffin) #5

Unless something is done to go back to improve trading, then nothing will save the site. The new unlimited cards and lack of drawing anything rare or chase has killed trading, which is what built this site into something people would look forward to.

Now it is just mindless pulling of the same common cards over and over and over. I have over 70 common cards on one set … what am I supposed to do? No one wants them cause everyone has that many, but the few people who have any chase or ultra rare will not trade them because the pull mechanism is stupid.

So unless neon mob makes it so people actually have a chance to collect a full set and artists can get a decent return, this site is going to keep going down until it is like second life (remember that one?)

(Peopleschampion) #6

No matter what you do, you can’t make people stay if they don’t find the experience enjoyable.

(Spooningbards) #7

A shoutout video will do nothing to save this community. The only thing that will potentially save NeonMob is the staff actually caring and making positive change - they aren’t even in contact with the community; why should we waste time trying to invite users to a site the owners and staff have likely abandoned? It won’t fix anything when the system itself doesn’t make sense and doesn’t profit the site or users. You’ve come late to the party, so you might not understand the situation as to why creators and users are discouraged from putting money into the site.

(Dr Lavacookies) #8

if you think i don’t know
then tell me

(Spooningbards) #9

Or you could read through the forums as you have been with other threads and listen to the testimonials of players who have spent years using NeonMob (both collecting and submitting content), and often paying money that has supported it.

(Dr Lavacookies) #10

i think the reason why this site is going down
is because when the ‘‘august purge’’ happened users left the site
because of that the owners of neonmob stopt giving a crap
so they didn’t do anything to fix it, this is the outcome of that
atleast thats my understanding of what happened
if thats the case then if we make them give a crap again
they would want to fix it

(Aereone) #11

Uhm what is the August Purge?

(Dr Lavacookies) #12

that’s when the big change happened
it was an update that almost everybody hated
that update is the reason you always get commons in every pack

(Aereone) #13

Ohhhh thanks for the response. Hopefully this site survives :neutral_face:

(Spooningbards) #14

You’re essentially saying the only reason the site is dying is because users have left and it’s their responsibility to build it up rather than the staff actually fixing issues. That is not the solution to the problem - regardless of users caring, it isn’t our responsibility to motivate them into even just communicating with the collectors and artists - they need to face the problems with Neonmob that have driven the users away.

(Dr Lavacookies) #15

thats not what i’m saying
i’m saying that the owners of neonmob
don’t care anymore so we need to make them
care again

(xUsako) #16

Please share any ideas on how to do that, since users have tried MANY ways and as you can see, none of them worked. User feedback went unheard. Plenty of ideas on how to keep the website profitable for the owners, yet still catering to the artists - not even looked at.
How exactly do you make someone who isn’t there start caring about something? Sadly things aren’t as easy as they sound. It’s not like the community hasn’t tried. You can’t really talk to a wall and expect results. :confused:

(Breeze) #17

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’ve just been collecting for a few months and I love it! I wasn’t aware of changes until I read the posts here and I’m sad to here that the owners here haven’t taken action to get things back on track. I don’t know if there are other sites like this one. I hope things look up :slight_smile: Thanks

(Spooningbards) #18

And I’m saying we can’t make them care, nor should we have to. If they’re apathetic about their business, that isn’t our fault, nor should be feel the incentive to continue to offer feedback when the staff chooses not to listen - obviously the changes they implemented have only lost them business and user interest Only they can fix this site, as their choices are what drove the users away. If you had been a user from the start of Neonmob, you would realize that people tried to be open in the beginning when the changes were made (that negated the whole original point of NM), and odds were completely flipped, but Neonmob has avoided making any change or effort towards communicating with their user base while posting to their main blog on the side without addressing the actual concerns. This lies on their shoulders, now ours.

(Dr Lavacookies) #19

way to be negetive man

(JB) #20

it is not negative when we have been begging and pleading for the admins to listen to us.
If you look through this forum, as well as the facebook group you would see all of the pleas from the community.

Right now, they aren’t responding here to our complaints or requests. They haven’t been for a long time.

Some of the original users, the ones that were there when the site started even tried. Admins did as they pleased and the users left. This has made most that have tried to stick around a bit negative.

We had a community manager (whitney) and since she left we have had little to no feedback from the admins. We had user ambassadors, that were supposed to be the voice of the users and a direct link to the admins. They disbanded them, brought them back, and then disbanded them again.

They took away options for artists to be exclusive on this site to have a larger profit percentage. We used to be able to buy posters of our favorite art, and that’s gone too, and they didn’t even warn us it was going away. So for exclusive sets, we now have no way to purchase that art other than digitally on neonmob.

We are just tired of talking to a wall - so for you @dr.lavacookies, to come in here and say “only we can fix it” upsets may of us. We tried - over and over again - and many of us will stay to the bitter end as the admins continue to ignore us and they have to shut the site down.

So please, do some research before making such a bold statement. To those who tried, all you did was rip a band-aid off a still festering wound. I appreciate your optimism, but until the admins do anything, this site isn’t going to be “fixed”.