NM Series Going Out of Print in March, 2018

(Thetoonwizard) #1

Hi! Back again with another list of the series going out of print! Still this is following the thread(s) by both @dorotheerudolph and @peopleschampion, as they both combined have made a lot more of these lists than I have! Special thanks to @vagrantscout though, as he helped me with finding most of this list! Anyways, hope this’ll be useful to you guys!

March 3:
SMILE!: https://www.neonmob.com/series/smile/

March 5:
Equinox: Derelith Dawn: https://www.neonmob.com/series/equinox-derelith-dawn/

March 7:
Watercolor Mermaids: https://www.neonmob.com/series/watercolor-mermaids/

March 12:
ROBOWAR: https://www.neonmob.com/series/robowar/

March 13:
Taiki’s Elements: https://www.neonmob.com/series/taikis-elements/

March 14:
Monster Cards: https://www.neonmob.com/series/monster-cards/

March 17:
The World Of 3D Females #3: https://www.neonmob.com/series/the-world-of-3d-females-3/

March 19:
Puniverse: https://www.neonmob.com/series/puniverse/

March 20:
Creeptids: https://www.neonmob.com/series/creeptids/

March 24:
Simple Girls: https://www.neonmob.com/series/simple-girls/

March 25:
Gidget Grows Up!: https://www.neonmob.com/series/gidget-grows-up/

March 26:
From the Depths: https://www.neonmob.com/series/from-the-depths/

March 28:
Beauties: https://www.neonmob.com/series/beauties/

March 31:
Superchib Army (Series 1) (“AN OFFICIAL NEONMOB SELECT SERIES!”): https://www.neonmob.com/series/superchib-army-series-1/
W Portrait (“AN OFFICIAL NEONMOB SELECT SERIES!”): https://www.neonmob.com/series/w-portrait/

Amateur Series:

March 5:
Hubris: The Order: https://www.neonmob.com/series/hubris-the-order/
Noir Gentlemen: https://www.neonmob.com/series/noir-gentlemen/
Cute Clowns: https://www.neonmob.com/series/cute-clowns/
The Autumn Series: https://www.neonmob.com/series/the-autumn-series/

March 11:
the painted sky: https://www.neonmob.com/series/the-painted-sky/

March 14:
The Fair Ladies: https://www.neonmob.com/series/the-fair-ladies/

Anyways, let me know if I made any mistakes, and see you guys next month!