New submit for Neonmob / Women through time

(Ruygda) #1

Hi, I send another submit for you my friends. This series will be a 20+ cards of fictional women and her histories on fantastic worlds. I call it Women through time and each character has her own history. Vote and helpme give them life.

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

(Ruygda) #2

Hello my friends, I think this one will be aproved thanks to you votes. I thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the series when I finish it.

I’ll work in a frame for the cards and write the history in the description. What do you think?

(Ruygda) #3

Thank my friends for you votes, the series is approved. I’m already working on it, keep close to see some advances. :slight_smile:

(Ruygda) #4

Hello, Today I have good news, If you want to check the process of the series or you want to support me, I will be on

(Ruygda) #5

Hey! The series going fine. I have like the 60% ready. I hope you like the history and illustratios :slight_smile: