New Series - Escuadrón 20.20

(Filo) #1

Hey guys,

I wanted to present you a new series that focus mainly on endangered species. I created it to try to promote awareness of the existence of this species, while having fun at the same time collecting them.

I already have the first set as an amateur series. In case you want to look at them, please follow this link

I also submited them for voting here

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to see other creators works!


(Dorothee Rudolph) #2

So you’ve planned to reuse the same images from your current amateur series for your planned pro series? From what I’ve read in the forum posts, I think, you can’t reuse an image for a second series. But to clarify, maybe @sierra could find some time within the next months to comment on this from the staff’s side…


That virus series vol 2 contained the exact same art as vol 1. The only thing is that I think NM screwed up the quantities of cards for vol 1 so they allowed a vol 2 as a kind of re-release.

(Filo) #4

Thanks for the heads up. In that case, I’ll use another set for the next series :smiley:

(Sierra) #5

We do not allow series that have already been published as an amateur series to be published again as a pro series. Nor do we allow duplicate cards. This is not to say that the occasional duplicate card doesn’t get by us. It does happen. But it is not something we allow or encourage.