New rules and changes on NeonMob

(Candypiggy) #41

yeah, im really sad about the 30% royalty and time limit too ;_; not to mention the website doesn’t look like it’s growing any further…

(Naud van Dalen) #42

Neonmob can take 70% of the money because they have no competition. I have not found any other website where you can collect cards that are not some sort of TCG like Pokemon or YuGiOh or Magic: The Gathering, but individual sets from different authors. DeviantART doesn’t count, because they don’t sell digital art. They only sell the art physically, which has a low royalty percentage, because it costs money to make.

I wish Neonmob would split the profits like Apple or Steam: 30% to the company en 70% to the user. After all, the company makes a website with hundreds of apps/games/cards and gets 30% for every single product. That’s a lot of money. The creators do most of the work, so they should get most of the profits.

I would honestly start a website like Neonmob if it wasn’t for the fact that no-one joins if there are no series and no creators will join if there are no users, which is a Catch-22. :unamused: It would be way too much work for a small chance of success.

Another website that takes a very large amount of the profits is Envato. You get 36% if you’re non-exclusive and 50-70% if you’re exclusive. So they used a system like Neonmob did before where you earn more if your products are exclusive to that website. You would only get 70% if you earned $75.000 or more though. It’s a sliding scale between 50 and 70% depending on your earnings. Envato has an alternative called Sellfy, which takes only 5%, which is a HUGE difference. For $15 per month, you pay only 2%, which is insanely low! If you earn $500 per month, it’s best to pay $15 per month.

I don’t suggest that Neonmob should take only 5%, which is really low, but 30% is fair. 50% is already really pushing it, but 70% is just way too much! After all, the authors do most of the work drawing the art. The hours that all authors combined have worked on their art for Neonmob is WAY more than Neonmob worked on their website, because there are just so many authors and series on Neonmob. The authors earn barely anything, because afterwards, they need to pay taxes on that 30% that they earn. The average author doesn’t earn that much money, but Neonmob earns money on all packs bought of all pro series and per pack they earn more than double (2,33 times) that what an author earns!

Neonmob states that you “Earn the highest royalty rates of any art marketplace offline or online.” I don’t know any art marketplaces, so it would be nice if someone could give me examples different royalty rates.

Neonmob, please flip your royalty rate, so authors get 70% instead of 30%. It’s more fair for authors and you’ll still earn plenty of money, because the large amount of series.

(Spooningbards) #44

Huh…? Where do you get this from? People sell their art on Deviantart digitally all the time. I’ve bought art digitally from Deviantart.

(Naud van Dalen) #45

I mean you can buy art on posters, just like Neonmob used to do for some series (you needed to own the card to buy a poster), but you don’t buy art like on Neonmob, where you “own” the artwork digitally, even though you can look at it for free (guests can see art in colors). It’s not a digital card collecting site. You can look at the art and download it for free and buy posters of it.

(Kararedwing) #46

Kickstarters, advertising on different art sites, youtube, behance, ect if how you get users. You probably shouldn’t go it alone, but the only thing making it have a “small chance of success” is if you don’t want to hustle it. I mean, you have everyone here to try it out and invite users if you actually start something and make it better than NM. I had a series that I’m not going to post here, and now I’m working on for my own purposes. If you do anything I can have a new series lined up for trial run. I know I’m not the only one sitting on a series. A number of people were bitching about it when the transition happened.

(Naud van Dalen) #47

I mean, you have everyone here to try it out and invite users if you actually start something and make it better than NM.

I don’t think anyone is allowed to advertise for a competing website on the Neonmob forums though. They don’t want to lose users to a different site. :stuck_out_tongue: You can put a link to your website on your profile in the forum and in your bio on the main site and also on the Facebook/Google Plus page Neonmobsters.

I had a series that I’m not going to post here, and now I’m working on for my own purposes. If you do anything I can have a new series lined up for trial run.

Thanks for offering to publish a series in case I make a website like Neonmob! It looks really good! :smiley:

I actually worked on a site about Neonmob before. It’s a site where you can find promo codes for Neonmob. At some point I just stopped working on it, even though it was almost finished. :frowning: I’m afraid I will give up on my own art collecting website too if I start working on it and it’s too much work. :confounded: Needless to say, it’s a lot harder to make an entire website like Neonmob than just a tool website for Neonmob. I worked on that website almost 92 hours. That’s 11,5 work days or over 2 work weeks if I worked on it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (I didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:).

(Kleeko) #48

I couldn’t agree more with most of the comments here. As a creator who got a series approved and submitted before the big changes were implemented I feel like I got screwed. There’s hardly any incentive to create on this platform now, other than just for the sake of art and publicity.

As a collector, there’s no need or urgency to buy packs with the time limit. I bought packs before, but haven’t bought a single one since the changes. No need to. This is hardly exclusivity.

In my opinion, if neonmob were to succeed in a competitive environment, they would have to focus on its user interface. One thing about collecting is sorting and organizing your collection. If neonmob were to implement a binder-like feature in which you could arrange your cards in a visually appealing way, or sort them etc… then people might prefer Neonmob over just Deviantart or just .jpgs.