New rules and changes on NeonMob

(Hardyhero) #21

Got it… but what they should do is to put a minimum limit in the number of prints.
To avoid what happened with some collections with just one print of chase… where only one person can complete the collection.

(xUsako) #22

Chase cards don’t have the number input anymore, creators have no saying over how many chase cards there will be

(Hardyhero) #23

So probably the calculation of amount will be automatic.

(xUsako) #24

yes… maybe they’ll be a bit rarer than Extremely Rares, but since they are making a promise for a higher chance to get a Chase in the new higher tier paid packs, they can’t really allow creators to put, say, only 1 chase :smiley: It would be false advertisement

(JB) #25

they mandated the minimum number of prints per rarity to make the math for the premium pack odds work. You can’t see platinum packs if there aren’t any chase cards in a set. This is why there are mandated minimums now.

Also at the moment, it seems as if there will not be total print numbers - just however many you pull in the time the set is available. Not sure if this is going to change, but it was suggested if this will be the case, to at lease have final print counts once the set goes out of print - like the Hopes and Dreams set

(Nicodeamus) #26

Did it really need to be made easier to finish a series? Some collections are more difficult than they need to be with high ratios of Variants, but I don’t think the limited count of cards was the issue. Am I missing something that adds incentive to buying packs with the new system? At first glance it feels like there is less. I support the changes that help govern the ratio of rarities in a series, but the new time-window system takes the fun out of collecting an active series. Why collect right away when you can wait for there to be more cards than necessary in rotation? If every popular series will have a very high card count, do I only get to feel proud of completing less popular series? I may just be resistant to change or misunderstanding something, but after finishing 25 core series/13 full series in the 2 months I’ve been here, having 6 months to complete a new collection doesn’t seem very challenging or interesting. I cannot see it stimulating many trades either, when you can just keep collecting for an active series instead of trading. Clarification would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(Tedsallis) #27

Well. Any older sets are now worth a fortune in trade value. Or they would be if these moves don’t completely destroy the demand side. I can’t even imagine what discussions resulted in the kinds of moves being made but they display a complete lack of understanding of the collector’s mentality. They’ve completely removed the drive to collect in one swift stroke. Now you can just plod along and collect your free pack every day and eventually you’ll complete the set. Popular sets like THEM or CHALKY that would sell out in a week leaving collectors to scramble to complete or bail and use what they have to try to complete other thing are a thing of the past.

NeonMob and any collecting game is a micro economy. Things have value based on supply and demand. What they’ve done is made every coin a penny. No more nickels or dimes or quarters or silver dollar chase cards. Just a big pile of pennies that make your hands smell like copper. Oh except all the preexisting cards and sets. All those silver dollars just turned into golden eagles.

(Hardyhero) #28

You are ignoring the fact that with the longer period of collection you will not collect only 5, 6, 10 collections. In 6 months you will be collecting dozens of collections simultaneously and will have to decide which package open daily.
It will not be easy to complete the collection.

(Nicodeamus) #29

Maybe hardyhero, but how will allocating your packs be any more difficult than it is now? There is something wrong with not having incentive to open a series on its release day. Before if i followed an in-progress series i could be alerted when it is published and be one of the first ones to start collecting it, making it easier to collect that series. Now when a new series comes out I…what, bookmark it? Wait till I don’t have to fork over valuable cards to finish it. Or in the least, wait till it is closer to its expiration (even if that means only waiting for the half way point of 3 months) which is still unexciting. The only time great cards will be rare is when they are new. I feel like I HAVE to be missing information somewhere. Why would anyone invest money in finishing a series unless they for some reason found out about it during its last stretch of availability, or for some reason wanted to finish it immediately, without waiting for more cards to be in rotation?

I also don’t particularly want to work on a dozen collections at once.

(Hardyhero) #30

In 6 months this will be inevitable :wink:

(Tedsallis) #31

It won’t be easy but it is sure to be boring as watching paint dry. Collectors don’t work like this. Collectors, especially today want it now now now. If there’s no speed, no action they lose interest.

(Moshiken) #32

So, if I understand this correctly, NeonMob is trying to make people buy more packs by taking away most of the initiatives to do so by:

  1. Popular series will not be “rare/valuable” anymore because collectors will open more packs and make them more common.
  2. No motivation to spend a few dollars extra to get those missing card from a series that is out of free prints.
  3. Collectors that want to support the artist will be less motivated since the artists are receiving less money.
  4. Paying money for “rare” cards suddenly seems like a risky investment because there’s no way of telling how rare they will get until the end of the 6 months period.

So basically they are trying to make me spend money by devaluing the very product they want me to spend money on… instead of “now you can by this 200 print limited edition” they are trying to market "now you can buy this mass-produced limited by popularity edition for the SAME money while giving the artist LESS support and also it might end up having like a 10,000 print count (suuuuper rare)"
I’m sorry, what am I missing here? Does anybody understand the logic?

(Chaosophia3d) #33

First off 6 months time limit compared to the card limit. Are you kidding me. Just because a few people didn’t get that rare card they wanted. You’re joking right? Isn’t a huge part of this about trading to get what you want? Can you dumb down the experience any more? Lets just cater to cry babies or those everything must be equal shmucks that go and ruin joys for everybody because they aren’t capable enough to understand or participate. Here is a very smart idea let’s devalue the cards even more, and screw the artists that are making our site work. Let’s not stop there, lets screw the collectors too. LOL, seriously.

End of exclusive, this was just dumb in the first place, Exclusive should have been determined as you can show off or sell your art elsewhere, but you can’t sell digital cards (Since this is what you deal in) with exclusive work at any other card marketplace. That would have been logical. Neonmob deals as trading art cards, not the art itself, since that is solely property of the artists which Neonmob has to license, with their tos. Which brings me to my last point, which I shared via email reply to the new rules mail.

30% royalties… Standard is 50% at most places where art is being used to and a middle man (Neonmob) site to promote buying stuff, unless your pouring cash into ads on mainstream outlets, not social media, then streamlining artists for a mere 30% is downright theft. The artist spends more time making the art, and pushing traffic to you. You just host and push what you feel is valuable, hardly worth the 70% royalties you claim. Classic case of bend over someone with talent, to benefit those with none. Glad I don’t use your services anymore…

And when I said about pouring cash into ads, I didn’t mean just for the few sets you feel will make you some cash, I meant for each user you are getting profits from. Anything less, and you are not earning your portion of 70% royalties. This site is such a joke…

(Gmask1) #34

It’s probably just me, but the card numbering is my way of qualifying the notion of rarity. You can tell me that a card is ‘rare’ or ‘super rare’, but if I read on the card that it’s 101/200, and I see the common cards are out of 1600 or more, I know it’s a rare card. I like that when I collect sports cards, and I liked it here.

On a separate note, and probably just me again, but I was more inclined to spend money when I saw that a set was x% sold through. It gave me a sense of urgency, and I had to make a call on whether I wanted to complete the set. Having an end date probably doesn’t change much in reality, but in my head it’s off in the distance and I can think about it later.

(Moshiken) #35

I thought I was going to write something about the exclusive thing too, totally agree!

I think it’s a good change that the art is not exclusive anymore, especially for unpopular sets that might have better luck somewhere else with another audience. Then the artist doesn’t have to feel that they’re taking a risk to create something that might not make any money. Few people will mind that the sets are not exclusive anymore, that’s not the main part of being on neonmob. It’s more like a collecting game for me, I had most fun when a really limited series would come out and sell out in no time. And then, that last pack you open with an extremely rare. Or finding a good trade for that card. Or, if nothing else works, buy some cards!
I’ll see if I stick around or not with the new rules…

(Musicjax) #36

It’s kinda like Neonmob wants and expects us to sell our artwork on other websites? I don’t really get that. Who was complaining about how “Neonmob is giving me more money for not selling my artwork on other websites!” You weren’t forced to make your series exclusive, so why did Neonmob need this update?

(Jess116) #37

I don’t get these changes at all… i almost quit cold turkey when i read about them, and as it is i think i will only collect the old sets from now on. What are they thinking… i am so baffled. How can you now trade the new cards fairly for the old cards when there’s no card count on the new ones??
I have collected cards since i was 5 - i used to go straight to my local shop with my pocket money every week and spend it all on cards, I am a collector - and this new system does not appeal to me at all. I like going after the low print run sets, rare cards and cards i know aren’t going to be available long - that’s the challenge and the thrill of the chase - and i don’t feel like any of that is really going to be part of collecting on neonmob anymore (for me anyway). They are taking the fun out of it for me.

I think it’s terrible that artists will only be getting paid 30% from now on too so i have decided to stop buying packs and only take the free ones. (Yeah screw you neonmob - GREEDY MUCH?)

I also hate that card sets now have a minimum number of cards - I actually like collecting the smaller sets of 3 cards or 5 cards etc… it just mixes things up. I had planned to submit an idea for a set at some point and it would have been a smallish set but now with the reduced royalty % and the new dictated minimum numbers of cards, and the new time period availability, I really just don’t want to anymore… as an artist I already get taken advantage of, and undervalued, all - the - time… I’m not going to work my ass off to create someone that somebody else is going to get 70% royalties from - are you freaking insane!!!

And what the heck is with the new pack buying pricing structure?? So if you are someone who can afford to buy premium packs you are going to be taking better cards out of the pool and leaving more of the common cards in the pool for everybody else?? I am confused about this feature and not sure how it’s gonna work but if it’s the way i’ve imagined it then …ugh. UGH. SHAME.

This all just doesn’t have the same feel to it anymore, doesn’t have the same excitement and randomness as I am accustomed to, as someone who has been collecting cards for almost 30 years. It reeks of greediness and that immediately puts a big fat bee in my bonnet. And it’s so disappointing, I looked forward to opening my cards everyday and i liked checking for cool new sets but now i don’t really care. shame shame shame.

(xUsako) #38

From what they said, they changed exclusivity, because there was no way for them to constantly check if artists are actually staying true to the agreement and aren’t selling their art someplace else.

(Who8mypnuts) #39

I completely agree with the above that the lack of exclusivity and the change from card counts to time is foolish and confusing. It’s similar to saying “hey, lets be like everyone else”. I joined neonmob in the first place because it wasn’t like everywhere else.

Quite happy to see variants go. That is a smart move. Trading is a pain with inactive accounts and some people being “jerks” to put things mildly, but aside from that it’s still a great system. I can see the trading portion going away shortly because everyone will have the cards they want from the beginning.

(Sherri Keller) #40

Variants are useful for sets like Biotop. Others maybe not so much.

"I can see the trading portion going away shortly because everyone will have the cards they want from the beginning."
Yep. There’s going to be no way to make sets equal because the print counts will be different.

I don’t understand why having old sets around suddenly became a problem. I LOVED going back and opening packs from sets that had been around for a couple of years when I signed up. Now the site just focuses on the new stuff.