New rules and changes on NeonMob

(Hardyhero) #1

I just received an e-mail and particularly I think the changes are very good and balanced.
More options including buying packages makes everyone have more chances to complete the collection.
Still awaiting some sort of promotion or something “only today, X% discount, limited to $ Y per person”.
Congrats NeonMob staff/team… getting better :slight_smile:

(Blackpaws) #2

how is this working I submitted an exclusive series around a week ago, is that going to affect that series or just new ones getting submitted?

(Hardyhero) #3

I think is just for new series… from now on.

(Stephanie Bachman) #4

Personally the six months extended instead of card count would screw me over. This site is the only one that I have been able to sell my work on a regular bases because there is a sense of want, the restrictions on the cards helped with that. Yes it is extremely frustrating to have an incomplete set, but I thought that is what the trade system was for. I know that there are those that don’t trade (I have stopped for a while) and there are cheaters and inactive accounts, but the concept of placing the cards on such a long stretch of time really doesn’t seem to give much urgency to collecting, especially when new items come out so often. It’s easy to get distracted by the new and pretty works that are coming out by wonderful artist, it then becomes a choice of which is important to acquire and which would trade better.

If the art in the packs become available to show everywhere then what’s the point of collecting them in the first place? There is no worth to them if you can just go to a different site and see them, or just do a search to find them. This just becomes an archive, an easier way to see them (if you put the effort into collecting them). Yes you can buy packs, but it becomes a question of why you would in the first place if they are free elsewhere.

I came to from a facebook ad that intrigued me, I stayed because it looked like an opportunity to grow as an artist and be inspired by those that create wonderful works. I created art for this site because of how it was setup; the community involvement , the payout amount, the payout time. Now the revenue opportunity makes me wonder. I may stay to collect but I don’t know if I will create for here anymore.

(Tenshi7) #5

I am entirely with S1lentknyte on the changes. The limited amount of cards and the urgency to collect them was exactly what made collecting on Neonmob so great. But what confuses me the most is the abolition of exclusivity. Take that limited editions off and the excitement is no more. Take that away as well as the idea of series exclusively available on Neonmob and you lost all your reasons to collect (not to mention creators losing a chunk of their revenues).

Something I may add though: why taking off variants? I liked the idea of cards that couldn’t fit any other types of rarity and were just an different/unfinished/improved version of another card, like a behind-the-scenes action. I know it pissed off a few people, so here’s a suggestion: why not give the ability to turn off variants? Maybe by selling variant-free packs for a few more credits, or as an option to a paid subscription?

(Hardyhero) #6

In my point of view increase the time of collections instead limit by number is better to the artists became well knowed and to the collectors, to help complete the collections.
I invited many friend to NeonMob… about 15 (if I’m not wrong) but only 4 continues here because the difficult to complete a collection and most of the community is a “pain on ass”.
They could expend their money with the arts but the “functioning” was so bad they left the game.
Not to mention that really sucks depending on the “pain on ass” collectors.
With the new way, we are free to collect more collections without worry about the chases/end of collection.
Now I know if I buy a Premium pack I have much more chances to get a chase.


These changes have already had a major negative impact.

This summer, I invited my fiancé who’s a professional artist to the site to produce an exclusive series. He was originally planning to create 30-50 cards, but now that the series can’t earn “exclusive” rates, he can’t make enough money to justify their creation, so he’s cutting his losses and lowering the card count to the bare minimum of fifteen cards. He’ll also be posting those cards everywhere else on the internet for free in an effort to at least gain some publicity from his wasted efforts here, which pretty much defeats the only edge this site had.

I myself have created three series here. When they cut the artist’s share from 70% to 50%, I put up with it, but dropping from 70% to 50% to 30% tells me my efforts are now valued at less than half what I signed up for, and I was just barely able to justify my efforts before. The only series I’d ever create under this new model would be delayed collections of work I’d already posted publicly on Twitter, Tumblr, and deviantART, and I don’t really see any motivation for my followers to collect or trade art I’ve already given them.

Basically, I’m lucky I didn’t have a series half-finished when this announcement was made, but I still feel betrayed for having advised my fiancé to waste his time and talent here under terms that have been retracted.

(xUsako) #8

I hate variants with a passion, because some artists abuse them so easily; a set that is 2/3 variants is SUPER annoying to collect! So I’m not sad to see those go.

The revenue can be a problem to some people and I can see why, I will not argue about it, seeing as everyone has the right to decide how to earn their money and how much their works cost.

Biggest problem with exclusivity is that NM can’t keep track of so many artists and whether they really do keep their series exclusive or not :c I think that is what harmed the artists revenue so much in the update - no exclusivity, no extra $$$…

I am not a fan of the 6 month thing either… and good amateur series will probably become the most popular thing to collect here, cuz there will be no rush for the pro sets.

I still wanna see how everything plays out before I decide if I like or hate those changes tho :confused:
Maybe I just really really wanna force myself into thinking it can’t all be bad.

(PK Amnuay) #9

I wonder when Series based on time, what happen to card count and card number? Since they affect on trade too.

I hope putting Series by time will help both creators and collectors. But as s1lentknyte and tenshi7 said, the sense of want is gone. ‘No more free cards’ Series that I really need to complete make me spent credits (and trade). Since I can leisurely collect (cause I got 6 months to go), so I don’t need to spent any credits, right?

I got some Series public and some ideas for upcoming Series. Well, mine don’t fall in the ‘sell out so quickly’ series, so on creator part, it don’t effect me much. :stuck_out_tongue: But what happen when time run out, the sell is close. If no one bought my series then 6 months is a waste, right? :confused:

Btw, this new rule of restrict the number and rarities is frustrating me. They are part of ‘story telling’ within each Series. :frowning: I’m alright with variants have been eliminated, some Series I just cannot collect variants. But they give liveliness to the Series.

(Le french Steak) #10

I’m not well aware of the changes to come. Where can find them?

(Hardyhero) #11

(Le french Steak) #12

Changing card count to time avavailability? This fundamentally changes everything.
Like, so much every thing as I’m surprised so little was adressed about this change.

They say “This addresses the uncertainty for collectors of knowing when a series will sell out,” but now it brings them another uncertainty: How much money will creators be able to make out of their series?

A notably popular series will mean more revenue for the creator, but what about those who will be unlucky enough to not be popular? They could make very little revenue on the set period of time, and once time is up, they don’t have any more way to make more? At least with the current system, if a creator doesn’t sell fast, they might sell someday. Is this literally threatening creators to cut off their revenus on their series?
Does removal of card limit means the limit on free packs will be removed too? A series could be popular, generate a lot of cards, but only from free packs?

While on un/popular series. With popular series generating more cards than unpopular ones, after the set period of time is up, you still end up with a limited amount of card, with popular ones having “high card counts” and unpopular ones “low card counts”.
Hell, unlucky unpopular series might not even be able to generate a single complete set !

With the guaranteed packs being sold, this also throws off the odds of rare cards being effectively rarer than common cards. If people tend to buy better packs, the series will generate a lot of rare cards, and not as much common one as current ones would.

(Sherri Keller) #13

I do not understand the move to time availability, rather than card count. It’s absolutely baffling.

(Le french Steak) #14

I used to have plan of making series here, but this pretty much cut off my will.
Not having mentioned the removal of variant because this is relatively ‘minor’ to all this, but I had idea for some meaningful variant in my series.

I might as well quit collecting new series after the changes are up.

(Prendoriancrab) #15

I was confused and sad that variants were removed, as well! I never had many gripes about them, personally. I thought they were fun and unique. A better way to handle them would have been to restrict the number of variants in a series to a small percent, as it can be a little odd to have series that are 1/3 variant.

I don’t like the changes made to packs. I really enjoyed the feeling of luck and random chance when selecting which pack to open. It no longer feels as much like collecting cards, just clicking a button. Putting the offer to purchase packs that much more front and center feels useless now that there’s a time frame instead of a set number of collectible cards. Where’s the incentive for people to purchase cards when they’ve got 6 months to finish a collection?

Here’s my experience with the change as a creator: I had submitted my first series a little over a week ago, and came in yesterday to find that I had to change around my rarities due to the removal of variants and resubmit. It didn’t help that there’s now a very strict requirement for exactly how many cards need to be in each rarity category. I wish they hadn’t enacted the change for new series coming out, and made these new changes and rules more visible to creators so they could know ahead of time, before submitting a new series.

I never received an email notifying me of the changes, either. I was going to make my second series exclusive, I’m extremely disappointed that that’s no longer an option, I’m also extremely disappointed about the time frame in place of card numbers, if I understand it correctly. I’m afraid of how detrimental it could be to creators.

(xUsako) #16

The 1/3 of a set wasn’t the only problem with variants.
Creators could alter card count to these the same way they could with chases… So there were sets that had variants with more card count than a common!
So even getting a common was hard, I barely managed to finish this series before ripping all my hair out.

I think NM expects people to move variants to chases now. Still not sure why :confused:

(Hardyhero) #17

My only suggestion is NB put a minimum limit for chases.
There are some collections with only one print of chase.
This is like a joke from the author.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #18

From the reworded Creator Handbook:

“All series must have a minimum number of 2 chase cards. Adding any more than 2 is optional (but encouraged!).”

Earlier in the handbook they mention guidelines for the rarity spread for series, that contain more than the minimum card amount.

(Hardyhero) #19

But this number is about the prints of chases or the number of cards of chase type?

(Dorothee Rudolph) #20

I think, that refers to the number of cards of the chase type, but as I’m not a creator (yet, if I ever will be), I haven’t received that omnious email, that everybody in this thread is talking about.