New packs available for your favorite LE series!

Attention collectors! New carat & credit pack tiers just released for your favorite LE series …


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Good luck collectors!


Why can’t I buy “The 100 days project” credit packs? What did I miss?

No limit to how many 100k packs you can buy (or at least n>1), so they seem to have sold out in less than a day. Same with the Signature Series packs. Quite frustrating - I’m in the same boat.

All the credit packs for The 100 Day Project 2019 are still available … do you not have the option click on the open pack button for those pack tiers? Can you DM me a screenshot of what you are seeing when you visit the pack open page for this series? - Joe @ NeonMob

Thanks for the reply…



In order to buy the credit packs you first need to purchase credits. In the top navigation bar next to the counter, hover over the “0 credits” display and click there to purchase credits. Once you have credits to spend, you will be able to open credit packs of any series. - Joe @ NeonMob

New Elite carat packs and Royal credit packs just released for these LE series … grab these extremely limited pack tiers before they sell out!



Good luck collectors!

New pack tiers available for Butterflies from Polygonia … check out the Variant and UBER! credit packs and the Elite carat pack while supplies last!