New Pack Tier Release Schedule [Starting 11/18]

(Shawn) #1

PLEASE NOTE: New packs tiers available for a limited time only and only for available unlimited series.

New Pack Tier Release Schedule for 11/18 through 11/30:

11/18 – :game_die: Equal 6 Pack :game_die::
Giving love to our amateur artists with the largest pack we’ve ever created! This pack contains SIX cards (not abs) and with each having an equal chance of every rarity. Yes - it’s possible to pull six Chase cards (seven if you get a super pack). Post your best pulls in the forums!

  • Amateur series only

  • Available: 11/18 through 11/30

  • One pack per amateur series per day

  • Six cards

  • 100k Points per pack

11/20 – :crown: Royal Pack :crown::
The Royal pack is our first truly limited pack tier. On 11/20 at 10am PST, 25 Royal packs will become available for every unlimited series. The 25 packs are first-come-first-serve, so be ready, as popular series will sell out quickly! Each Royal Pack contains three cards, all Very Rare or better, with an extremely high probability of containing one or more Chase cards.

  • Available: 11/20, 10am PST through 11/22 (or until sold out)

  • 25 packs total

  • Three cards

  • 18 Credits per pack

11/22 – :turkey: Thanks Pack :turkey::
Thanksgiving day, you’ll find extra freebies available with slightly better odds than the base freebie pack. These will not replace the base pack, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose up to six free packs per series! The Thanks Pack will only be available for 24 hours, so don’t forget to claim them!

  • Available: 11/22 only

  • Three packs per series

  • Two cards

  • Freebie pack

11/23 – Black Friday deals with no line!

11/24 – :gem: Elite Pack :gem::
Accumulated more points than you know what to do with? You’re not alone! For the last seven days in November, the Elite Pack will be available for all unlimited pro series. Each Elite Pack contains FIVE cards with a guaranteed Chase and very good odds of containing multiple Extremely Rare and Chase cards. You’ll only be able to claim one pack per series, so choose wisely!

  • Available: 11/24 through 11/30

  • One pack per series

  • Five cards

  • 250k Points

New Pack Tier Options Now Available
(Sima Seal4) #3

I seem to have found a glitch with the thanks pack. I was able to get 1 for one of the series(not 3) and the rest of the series wouldn’t allow me to get it. Is this a glitch or intended?

(Varactyls) #4

all of my thanks packs are grayed out and disabled

Update: I think I figured it out - even though the post says “These will not replace the base pack”, they still come out of your hourly available packs. So, if you have 1 pack left, you can open 1 thanks pack OR 1 regular free pack. In other words, this is giving everyone a chance to open more packs PER SET, not more packs PER DAY.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #5

What @varactyls mentioned. I‘m out of free packs to open and that box one of the unlimited series, where I haven‘t opened 3 „Thank you“ packs already reads „open“ and is greyed out. On a series, where I have opened 3 of these extra packs today, it reads „replenishing“ and is greyed out.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #6

ALL: as this pack was only available on Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) we will need to review the stats to see if anything was not working correctly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Peopleschampion) #7

I want to vouch for those 250k packs (below) and the amateur 100k packs, great idea. Of course, I’m down to 9k points after a week of spending.

(Sima Seal4) #8

4 chases out of an amateur? Lucky! The best I got was 3 in one of my 4 elite packs. Down to 9k, will collect series for points.