New Milestones Update

(Ryan M) #21

@mossonthemoontree As far as my limited knowledge and understanding of the Milestones goes, I am 99.9% positive that they are seperate milestones. If you go check your Series Milestones for whichever series in question, it has ‘Core Series’, ‘Chases’ and ‘Variants’ all of which update individually according to the described card types. You can complete the Core Series and earn that milestone separate from the Chase and Variant milestones. Hope that helps!

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(ms.tree) #22

Yay!! That’s what I was hoping :yum:

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(7nik) #23

As before the update, now to get Core milestone you need to get all cards from common to ER.
For me, Full series milestone means that you have all card of a series (core + chases + variant + legendary if they are there) at once. If I remember right, before the update it was so and I don’t see any reason to change this behavior.

(ms.tree) #24

Okay another question/issue… I’ve been looking through my collection at old series’ that I am certain I’ve completed before, but under the old way. And since before the change, I’ve gotten rid of cards to those series. So under the old way of milestone reaching I had gotten the achievements (such as All Commons, Core Series, etc.) but now they are showing up as unachieved. :no_mouth:
Has the updated milestone achievements for series only been set to count cards as they are currently in our collection, and not to carry through old achievements? Because if so, that is super not cool. (Or is my memory just failing? >~< )