New Limited Edition Series … Reference Links (updated 9/27/19)

Published 4/2/19

Take to the seas in the exciting adventure Tell Us A Tale from WallaBee. There are only 17,000 total packs available, so collect this Limited Edition series now before it sells out!


Published 5/1/19

Experience thrilling galactic adventures with this new limited edition series inspired by early 20th century toys :gun::gun: … Protect the planet from alien invaders with your collection of Ray Guns! from @lenticular.


:sparkles: Get exclusive packs of this LE series before they sell out! :sparkles:

Published 5/15/19

Completing all those milestones is about to pay off!

Redeem your carats to fall :point_down:t2::rabbit::hole: in this Alice in Wonderland inspired limited edition series from WallaBee … collect Gaberbocchus Silvis, our first series featuring the CHASE difficulty ranking!


This is a carats-only series. The only packs available to open are carat packs. This is the hardest type of series to complete and is intended to be a challenge for the most dedicated of collectors. Complete collecting and series milestones to earn carats which you can redeem on carat packs of this series.

Published 5/31/19

Collect a whole world of cute characters in the new limited edition series Animated Giraffes by William Silva.


Published 7/1/19

:hibiscus: Collect a bouquet of fantastic flowers in Fractal Herbarium V3 from NeonMob favorite Tatyana Zabanova :cherry_blossom:


Published 7/15/19

Cute critters with surprising secrets … Which one will you choose? Collect all the Pouch Creatures in this new limited edition series from WallaBee!


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Published 8/1/19

Our latest limited edition release is gonna :exploding_head:The 100 Day Project 2019 by @jrdsctt.


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Published 8/16/19

:fire: Signature Series now available! :fire:

Illuminating illustrations highlighting the very best of Surrender Comics in one limited edition collection … get your packs today :raised_hands:


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Published 8/30/19

Beasts, creatures, monsters, and more from NeonMob favorite Mythka … Collect the all-new limited edition series Mythic Creature Collection 8 while packs last!


Published 9/13/19

Souls have escaped the despair of the Void … and they want revenge! Spirit Uprising, a terrifying new limited edition series from Forsaken Forest.


Win a box set from Forsaken Forest! Check the contest post for details.

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Published 09/20/19

Discover a whole world of mysterious minions in our latest limited edition release … Creatures From Waiu Land by Ashmish.


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Published 9/27/19

Find your spirit animal in this truly spectacular limited edition series with animated variants … collect Luminous Nature by Simon Haiduk.