New Limited Edition Series … Reference Links (Updated 3/5/2021)

Published 12/1/19

Celebrate the winter holidays with Krampus & St. Nick … Merry Krampus! from Lenticular.


Published 12/1/19

A series of ugly and entertaining Christmas sweaters from Nove Drumm … get Worn Out this holiday season!


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Published 12/6/19

Clever creatures making weird stuff in wacky ways! :crazy_face: Meet the employees of L’s Design & collect their animated variants in this limited edition series :grin:


Published 12/13/19

This limited edition series showcases anime adaptations of classic characters from fantasy favorites … Dark Fairytales by Rilee Belnap now available!


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Published 12/20/19

Your favorite Surrender Comics characters in a collectible-figurine style … Figures of the SCU now available!



Published 12/31/19

A spooky collection of ghoulish :dragon: dragons :dragon: of all kinds … grab a pack of Mythka’s Dracoween 2019 now!


Published 1/17/2020

Get some NeonMob history in this exclusive carats-only series … take the challenge & collect NeonMob Retro Milestone Art now!


This is a carats-only series. The only packs available to open are carat packs. This is the hardest type of series to complete and is intended to be a challenge for the most dedicated of collectors. Complete collecting and series milestones to earn carats which you can redeem on carat packs of this series.

Published 1/24/2020

A series of sketches from NeonMob favorite Surrender Comics :star_struck: Add the all-new limited edition series Inkbook to your collection today!


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Published 1/31/2020

The north wind blows bringing with it the chill of winter … Collect winter-inspired fantasy creatures & characters in Mythka’s Winter Wonderland :snowflake:

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Published 2/7/2020

Headbangers rock life’s most mundane tasks in this new LE series …

More real than real life, it’s Metal Life :metal:


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Published 2/28/2020

1,81+ Darlings from Chosho Zázrak features charming fantasy girls & their chibi alter egos … a huge limited edition series with over 160 cards!


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Published 3/20/2020

A truly bewitching collection of powerful women in a variety of styles … brew up some limited edition magic with Book of Witches II from Anastasia Catris :woman_mage:


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Published 4/15/2020

Warriors, thieves, monsters, & more hand-drawn anime characters in this limited edition adventure of a lifetime from Rilee Belnap:crossed_swords: Dungeon Party :crossed_swords:


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Published 5/1/2020

:innocent: Will you choose good or evil? :imp:

Heroes & Villains 2 … a LEGENDARY new limited edition series from Mythka now available!


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Published 5/15/2020

What makes a cartoon … a character? Playing dress-up, of course! :crazy_face: Collect cute costumed critters in Luny & Milky Cosplaying from Kaamuz Sumaak.


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Published 6/1/2020

This limited edition series is “deer” to our hearts … :deer: Antlers & Accents from Kassidi White :deer:



Published 7/15/2020

One thousand years in the future, earthlings sure get evolved … explore a whole new millennium with EARTH 3020 from Ulises Costilla.



Published 7/31/2020

An enormous collection of artful trading card advertisements circa 1850 - 1900 … discover the fascinating history of advertising in Victorian Vanity :rose:

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Published 8/7/2020

Dive into Mythka’s Mermay 2020 for an all-new collection of aquatic wonders, deep sea denizens, & monstrous merfolk :merman:

Mythka's Mermay 2020

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Published 8/14/2020

Celebrate life through every season :seedling::sunny::fallen_leaf::snowflake: For a Season (Phase II) from Surrender Comics.