(Moshiken) #22

Instead of getting regular packs when you discard cards, couldn’t you get special packs containing cards that have been discarded by others?
Kind of like a lottery :slight_smile:
Of course, there would be a lot of"junk" cards in those packs but maybe also some rarities. It would certainly be more interesting!

I also just realized, this update will MAJORLY screw up the rarities of cards, because everybody will keep the rare cards and discard the common ones. So, unless you recycle them in some way, most series will end up having around the same card count for all rarities.

(Naud van Dalen) #23

Donating cards to bot accounts (Gumpies) is a great suggestion! :smiley: That way you can trade cards for points in order to buy free packs*, yet the cards can still be traded because the Gumpies own them.

  • Although they should either offer more points or lower the amount of points to buy a pack, because it’s not worth it right now (200 points for uncommon, 10,000 points for pack, high chance to get commons/uncommons from pack)

(Nick Barrett) #24

So how do you activate this beta or join the test?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #25

It will be an open beta for all users; the update is coming soon.

(Shawn) #26

As of this morning, discarding is live on web!

Joe and I will be answering any questions and gathering feedback about discarding over the next couple weeks. As this is a live beta, I wanted to touch on a few topics.

Purpose: Discarding has been a long requested feature, as collectors have pointed out that they have several (sometimes dozens) of cards that are too common (or undesirable) to trade. This is the first step in providing collectors with a way to clean up collections with the added benefit of a small reward in the form of points.

Point values: Current card values range between 100 and 1,000 points depending on rarity.

Earning free packs: As you discard, points will continue to accrue until you reach 10k points. Upon reaching 10k points, your points will automatically be converted into an additional free pack. The pack will be added to your free pack bank the same way as streak bonuses. NOTE: I know 10k points for a single free pack seems high. This is intentionally high for the beta and will likely be adjusted after we review how users are interacting with the feature. The last thing we want is the discarding incentive be too high and collectors choose to discard a valuable card instead of keeping it for a potential trade.

Discard recirculation: We’ve reviewed your feedback and understand the concern of valuable cards being lost forever. As Joe mentioned, we keep a record of all discards. I’ll confirm now that discards will be recirculated. We are weighing options on how to best implement this, so expect an update from us once we have more data on discarding.


(Mollyfin) #27

I love this new feature! I am concerned that it’ll make trading more difficult (since duplicates will often be discarded) but I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes and cross that bridge if we come to it!

(Mbergmaier) #28

I love the new feature very much! Have discarde already many of my old and multiple cards. the values could be a little bit more that we can earn more free packs. But at the end - goog job!

(Nicodeamus) #29

I was able to get rid of some series that had to have their art removed, how wonderful! So far so good. My only suggestion so far is that there be a way to see your point balance. Unless I am missing this somewhere? I only see it when I have finished discarding.

(Naud van Dalen) #30

Right now there is not enough incentive for me to discard any cards, because it costs way too many points to get a free pack.

I think most people will only discard common and uncommon cards and maybe rare cards from series they are not collecting, because rarer cards don’t give enough points for their rarity. :pensive:

An extremely rare gives only 5 times as much points as a common, which is really low. :fearful: It costs 20 extremely rares or 10 chases to get a pack, which can only give you 2 chases in the best case scenario. :scream: The upside is that people won’t discard those cards as quickly as they would if it gave more points and if packs were cheaper. They will hold on to those cards in order to trade them in the future.

A solution would be to donate cards to Gumpies for points. That way the cards are still tradeable (Gumpies trade singles) and the Gumpies finally get more cards (they all have less than 50 cards!) which are also from newer series and it’s easier for people to find the cards they need by looking at the Gumpies if many people discard enough different cards from different series.

You could then make points for rarer cards much higher (multiply by 2 for each rarity) and lower the amount of points needed for a free pack (at least 10 times), because it doesn’t matter anymore if people discard their rarest cards, since they are still tradeable. It actually makes it much easier to trade for, since Gumpies instantly accept trades from the same series and rarity regardless of the number of copies they have.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #31

Right now, there is no point counter just the meter you see when discarding.

(Shellgames25) #32

hi, this is a nice idea, I seem to have a lo of unwanted duplicates at the moment and no one seems to want them either.

I tried the discard feature with one of my cards w/ duplicates, I discarded 1 but now it shows that I own none ( I used to own 2) and the card hast turned black and white instead of colored.

Can you explain this? Will I still be able to get copies of this card if I open more packs (seeing as I now own 0 copies)?

PS: I’m pretty sure I discarded only one copy

(Who8mypnuts) #33

Thank you for confirming the re-entry into circulation.

I know it will be a more complex algorithm, but shouldn’t there be a more precise scale of rarity since some cards only have 130 in circulation and others have 1000’s? This is what is happening with the new “to infinity” system.

We have so many stingy traders who wont trade a common for a common or even two because the count difference is there, even if it’s only 400 and 800. It’s massively annoying they wont even take a better rare card for the trade because of this count issue. Can we call it card count blindness?

(Shellgames25) #34

okay, so when I checked back on the card it was still there with only one copy, whew! that was good, if this works out i’ll be discarding my unwanted cards! :slight_smile:

this would be nice feature.

(Lafwyn) #35

As was mentioned above (several times), I don’t see much use to the feature yet, except for cleaning up. It’s not worth to discard that amount of high value cards to get only a free pack (which we now get in very high amounts). This is good, in a way, because that means people won’t be discarding hard to get prints ad thus, trading for that ancient print is still only very hard instead of impossible.
I adhere to the thought of trading the cards to the Gumpy bots, that way they won’t be lost and we’d still get the points…
I still personally think that free packs are not incentive enough to use this feature (except for “cleaning up” your collections)… I liked the idea of “Premium Packs” or “Universal Packs” or even like a garage sale where you could use points to “buy” prints that were already discarded. The value of those prints should consider the rarity and count, as well as the status of the set (Out of Print, Out of free packs, Free packs still available)… That would be another way of recirculating the hard to get prints, sort of like a flea market… I don’t know how hard that would be to program though…

Finally I really do want to thank you Joe and Shawn for improving the communication between NM and us users, we’ve felt quite abandoned for a while there… It’s nice to see that change and feel heard :slight_smile:

(Who8mypnuts) #36

I agree completely with all of the above.
It’s so nice to not be ignored!

(Mbergmaier) #37

How is it going on now with the discarding feature? I am waiting with discarding more of my cards because of the value differences and hope that there will be a better exchange value in the final version. The feature of discarding is great, but adjust the value of the cards for better exchange with points for free packs.

(GreenSpleen) #38

These are all steps in the right direction! :slight_smile:
If NM continues like this, it could once again go back to being the funnest card collecting/creating platform out there.

(Nick Barrett) #39

How is this new feature going?

Does anyone still use it? I know I tried it at first, but the points are just not enough for me discard all my cards for the little return. Plus I want to see/know the cards go back into the lot, so others can get them.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #40

We are reviewing data and should have an announcement on any updates after we clear up some bug issues.

(Sima Seal4) #41

I feel like 10K points for just one pack is waaaaaaaay too much.
Unless you can use these packs on:
out of print packs (Then it should be worth muuuuuuch more)
money packs (Maybe a bit more?)
THEN it would be worth it.