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Over the next week, we will be rolling out the beta version of our latest feature on the website: Discarding. Collectors will now be able to trade in unwanted cards or duplicate cards in exchange for a reward. Here’s how the process will work:

1.On the website, roll over any card to bring up the Discard feature. Each card will be assigned a point value, discard enough cards and you will receive a free pack. Click on the DISCARD button on the card you want to trade in for points.

2.Once you have clicked “DISCARD,” you will see a pop-up like the one below. Using the + & - signs, select the number of cards you would like to discard. Once you have selected the number of copies you would like to discard, click on the “YES, DISCARD” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

3.The “YES, DISCARD” button will bring up this confirmation screen verifying the number of points you will receive. Click “OK” to discard the selected cards for points and remove them permanently from your collection.

4.If you try to discard all the copies you have a card you will receive a warning. You can discard all copies of a card if you would like by selecting “OK” from this screen, but please note that Discarding is permanent and cannot be reversed so be mindful of what you Discard.

5.Once you have completed the Discarding process, you will receive this notification with a progress bar showing how close you are to receiving a free pack. Click the button marked “SOUNDS GOOD” to clear this notification.

That’s it. Reach the stated amount of points and receive a free pack. Just a few more notes to keep in mind when you are Discarding:

• This is the “beta” version of the Discarding feature and is currently only available on the website and not on iOS. We will make adjustments to the feature over the following weeks to refine the user interface, point values, etc. so don’t be alarmed if point or redemption values fluctuate.

• We will add Discarding to iOS once the beta testing and changes have been completed.

• Keep Trading in mind when choosing how many duplicates to Discard. If you are still working on a series, we recommend you keep a certain number of high value or low print number cards to sweeten a deal. To a dedicated collector, a hard to find Common card might be worth more than the Discard points.

• Even if you Discard all copies of a card or an entire series, whatever Milestones you may have gained from those cards will be retained.

• We are releasing Discarding in its beta version to the community because we want your feedback to make it better! Please check the NeonMob website to test the new feature and send us your feedback on how we can improve Discarding:


The NeonMob Staff

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

(Hellivioze) #3

The free packs that we receive, will they just be added to our pack counter?

Can we use them on any series?

Will daily limits for how many free packs of a series you can open still apply?

Will I be able to use this free pack to get a pack from a series that only has paid packs left?

(JB) #4

Will this only be available for sets still in print?

Will the discarded cards have a higher value based on the rarity discarded?

What will happen to the cards discarded? Will they be deleted or just sent back to the pool?

How will this impact old sets that have set number of prints and pack odds?
(seems like this would only work for the new infinite sets)

Would love more info on this!

(Tenxia) #5

is it available yet?

(Who8mypnuts) #6

Do the discarded cards go back into circulation then?

(Varactyls) #7

This sounds like a very welcome feature. But only if the cards are somehow put back into circulation. I would hate to see older sets’ availability reduced even more than they already are. At the same time, I can’t wait to clear out those unwanted stragglers cluttering up my collection. Also, how does this affect the 6-free-pack limit?

(Naud van Dalen) #8

Damn, discarding 50 uncommon cards for just 1 free pack. 1 ER = 2 VR = 4 R = 8 UC, so if the amount of point are based on the values the rarities have for trading, that’s more than 6 ERs for 1 free pack with 2 cards with a low chance for an ER.

Now that we get up to 24 free packs a day, 1 pack for discarding many cards does not really feel like a good deal. Every time I forget to open a few packs will feel like throwing away hundreds of common cards in order to get those packs back.

At least give a paid pack for discarding cards, so we’ll get 2 rares in the worst case instead of possibly 2 commons for discarding 50 uncommons. Otherwise I’d rather trade 48 uncommons for 24 rares for 12 very rares for 6 extremely rares. That’s 3 times as much as I could possibly get out of a pack (except chases). :stuck_out_tongue: Although that takes a very long time. Finding trade partners and waiting for those trade to be completed before making more trades, because a print can’t be traded multiple times and you can’t select a different print of a card to trade. I get that a paid pack costs money, because a creator gets 30 cents per paid pack and if the user didn’t pay for it, it’s going to cost you money instead of earning you money, so maybe offering a paid pack is not going to work. On the other hand, 10,000 points is a lot for 1 free pack and you’ll never get as much value out of it as you put into it by discarding cards. At least on Hearthstone, you can buy cards with dust (points) that you got from disenchanting (discarding) cards directly, so you pay over 4 times as much, but you do get exactly what you want. So maybe make it possible to buy cards directly. Maybe make it only possible if you only need a few more cards or if the set is sold out.

(Nick Barrett) #9

Are you seeing the new feature live already?

(Onjikun) #11

I too am interested to know whether or not the cards re-enter circulation once they’ve been discarded; if so, then this will definitely be a welcome feature that I’ve been waiting for for ages.

(Hellivioze) #12

From what has been said on the facebook group, they are just gone. They don’t go back into circulation

(Joe @ NeonMob) #13

Answers to your questions on the new feature … remember, this is rolling out in beta and we would love your constructive feedback on how we can make this better once you have had some time to use Discarding on the website …

The beta feature is not yet live; look for it on the website in the coming days.

When you Discard, that particular numbered card is removed from the system; when Discarding a copy, the card with the highest print number is Discarded. At this time, discarded cards are removed without the possibility of getting them back. However, we are keeping a record of all Discards and may consider options on their re-introduction into public circulation during the beta.

Discarding works the same across all series whether active, out of print, numbered, etc.

Point value is based on card rarity classification across all series.

The free pack you receive for Discarding works just like the daily free packs, same rules apply (sorry, they don’t open paid packs or allow you to bypass the daily pack limit for a series or similar). However, just like Streaks this free pack will not be added to your pack counter. We are working to integrate all these new features into the pack counter soon.

Post any other questions below.


Joe @ NeonMob

(JB) #14

Really would like to see a revisit to discarding out of print and older series still with packs.

Could we instead of discarding them - perhaps DONATE them instead - it could be something like the gumpie accounts so that others that wanted the print could trade the gumpie for them and users that wanted to get rid of the print still had the option.

So maybe, infinite sets could discard while active - since this wouldn’t harm set completions - but the older sets with pack odds and specific card counts could be donated to an account others could trade to.

Please please please - those old sets higher rarity and special cards can be so hard to come by and it would be a disservice to the users collecting - and those yet to discover, these classic sets. Let’s not let one man’s “trash” be lost to all others that might consider it for a treasure for them.

(Lisaa) #15

I’m really happy Neonmob is finally communicating and working on our suggestions, but I agree with you that having cards dissappear completely doesn’t feel right. I hope they can agree on a better solution, there are plenty of them.
What I like about this is that discarding is rewarded. Even though the current reward is pretty useless as we already can get an abundance of free packs…

(Hellivioze) #16

Thanks for answering our questions Joe.

I am also of the opinion, that prints from the older series that have a limited print count and are still open shouldn’t just leave the system.

But I am glad that you will keep a record of the ones that are discarded

(TS) #17

Will any of the discarded cards be available for other members to collect? There might be cards out there that could help complete a series but are now lost forever (?) in discard purgatory?

(Mrslowly) #18

This is an idea that I have just thought up. Please berate or enjoy this idea.

Universal Packs.

First, the precedent:

  • Every time you discard a card, you are rewarded with points that go towards series-specific packs.

The modifying idea(which, to warn you, due to the lateness of the hour, will not be the first):

  • Along with these default points, you would receive universal points; far fewer relative to default points, to the effect that it would take a magnitude of time and effort longer to achieve the points necessary to turn in a universal pack.
  • Alternately, instead of recieving additional, separate points, you would simply require a magnitude greater more default points to redeem the universal pack.
  • This universal pack, once redeemed, may be put towards any series that is not out of print.
  • An alternate idea would be to simply make these your “Premium Pack”, which would require the aforementioned exorbitant amount of points to redeem, which could be applied to any series that is not out of print.
  • The universal packs would stack and remain in the inventory of the user until their use.
  • An idea to discourage the hoarding of universal packs, for whatever reason may justify such a thing, would be to include volatility; the universal packs are good for, say, the arbitrary period of 7 days, at the end of which they will be dissolved, or cancelled without refund, or removed from the account with a penalty to the trader’s grade, or seen as a slap in the face of the mysterious man you sold your soul to in order to even afford the pack(this man would, of course, require you to pay money to open common packs, or require a payment to open the site, etc.).

A (stupid) idea I have come to as I read the comments before mine:

The ‘Ability to Bring Back a Discarded Card that the Community is Far Better Having than Not’ pack.

  • It would give you the ability to bring back a discarded card that the community is far better having than not.
  • It would cost a great deal of points.
  • It would add to an arbitrary but now apparently necessary reputation system that displays a user’s quantity of revived cards in bling and style and jazz.
  • It would require the user to sacrifice points to generate points in order to bring back cards that they want.
  • In order to counteract this demonic logic, an arbitrary but apparently completely necessary reputation system will be required to display the amount of cards that someone has discarded, as a merit badge of how many victims this user has sacrificed to the NeonGods.

I am totally not pulling your leg on the idea of reviving cards, but I continue to entertain that the Universal Packs are a worthwhile consideration. I think that there is likely a solution to the controversy surrounding “lost cards”. Mine is clearly not, but maybe my bad ideas shall be the catalyst that produces said solution.


(Mrslowly) #19

Sorry. I have another idea.

Suppose folks can charge other users, in points, for the trade of a card: rather than deals occurring on a card-for-card basis, users would be presented to offer trades on a card-for-points basis.

  • This would effectively act as a channel for universal card-trading(an idea loosely translated from my previous post on Universal Packs). You get points for discarding, you use those points to get any card you want from other users based on the owner’s prerogative.

Hope that makes sense.

(Cloud9) #20

I agree - this would hurt the collecting community as a whole if those cards disappeared. It is bad enough that we lost so many rare limited cards to fly-by-night collectors who quit after a short period of time. Don’t encourage people to do the equivalent of rewarding people for tearing up cards! And if they disappear it only help those traders that are weird about having dupes.

(GreenSpleen) #21

This sounds like it could be a really awesome feature! As far as feedback from me, I say that the Discarding option has more potential if the overall card returns to the public collecting “pool” so that others who missed out have a chance to obtain. I am someone that owns multiple cards no longer appealing to me or made the mistake of redeeming a free code in the first place, so this will be useful! :smile: