New Creator Features = Even More Options!

(Alex Dayz) #24

Thank you for bringing back variants!!! There’s a lot of old series I collect that had some of these and I’ve always wanted it when creating a series.

(Lonelee) #25

Dont worry too much. Let it happen and then adapt to the changes🙂 You may trade somehing old and rare for such a legendary card😎

(Dualium) #26

On the topic of Legendary cards, I welcome them with open arms.

I am the kind of collector that does not want to collect just the core series of a set, but all the chases (and variants if it’s an older series) too, before I can even think about moving on to another series. I enjoy a fully completed set…

…but I’ve never felt any real reward from completing an unlimited series. When I happen to get a chase card from a pack, I say ‘Yes!’ in excitement, but the excitement only lasts for 5 seconds at the very most. The 1 in 20 chance for chases is somewhat low, but for a ‘rarest available’ kind of rarity, chases feel like they are easily replaceable and not as rare as they should be.

But these new Legendary cards… they may solve this problem. You said it is a 1 in 500 chance to pull them from a pack, right? That is around the perfect chance for a ‘rarest available’ rarity in my opinion. It is seemingly unreachable, but the moment you pull one will create an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, far beyond what a modern day chase would bring to the table.

I’m excited for that, I really am. I’ve read sima.seal4’s points though and I have an idea of how low the number of owners would be. Still, I’m prepared to lose and miss my chance of a Legendary card sometimes, but I’m also prepared to win and finally pull that card after months of determination, and have the rarest card of the series to myself. I own a card almost nobody else does and is even better than all of that set’s chases combined, and I’m certain it would be a golden experience I wouldn’t forget for a long time.