New and Learning about NeonMob

(Lovelessesbutterfly) #1

I wasn’t sure if this was exactly the right way to post this. I literally joined last night XD. But I already want to try and put out my own sets. I’m learning very slowly about the process and how things work. The only thing is that my better work is in traditional art. But based on the number of pixels needed… my art would be too small. What are some of your most common ways to fix that as an artist? Or what have you seen artists do?

Also! How many cards do you typically like to see in one series?

P.S. I’ll have more questions, I promise you this :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kararedwing) #2

If your work is traditional, your scanner can be set to higher DPI/PPI which in turn gives you more pixels in the final product. If you’re using a camera to photograph your work because you don’t have a scanner… I would suggest you hightail it to your local library and ask if you can borrow a scanner. You generally won’t get as good a quality on a camera anyway (assuming you don’t have a high end camera, which the pixel limitations you have suggest you don’t).

(Lovelessesbutterfly) #3

Okay! Good to know! That might help me out with my works that are non-traditional art to… (still learning her stuff for digital art and how to make it look better) so thank you!

(Sierra) #4

Welcome to the community! We look forward to seeing your artwork!

(Lovelessesbutterfly) #5

Awe thank you! I’m so glad that people pointed me here!

(Tealnewcomb) #6

Welcome to Neonmob! I’m a traditional artist and I’ve created a few decks here, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Definitely scan at a higher DPI, I usually paint at sizes between 2.5"x3.5" to 8.5"x11", so I tend to scan at 600+ so I can print things a little bigger if I need to. Blowing things up will make any mistakes you might’ve made more visible though, so keep that in mind. It really depends on your technique/media.

Seconding what kararedwing said; Places like Staples, other copy shops, libraries etc can be good bets if your home scanner isn’t cutting it. I go to a local copy shop for scans on the rare occasion that I create something larger than about 8.5"x11", which is about the max size my scanner can take.