Neverending Emails

There needs to be a way to unsubscribe from emails without turning off trades. I just contacted support for the second time about this after never getting a response the first time.

My email is literally constantly flooded with emails from NeonMob. Any important emails are pushed down and not seen because of it. I check the site often and don’t need an email every time a trade is offered or completed. Is it a concern that people won’t know about their trades if they don’t visit the site? Isn’t that what trader grades are for? To track who is really active on the site and who isn’t?

If I’m just somehow missing how to stop these emails, PLEASE tell me what I can do. I already have started marking the emails as spam because at this point with this many, that’s all they are.

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Reasons are already explained, read older threads about it. Solution is simple: Just set up a filter rule or sorting rule which moves the mails to separate folder automatically. Most mail systems today offer such a possibility. :slightly_smiling_face: Or use a separate mail account for gaming mails…


And please never abuse spam function behause your mail provider may start to really think this is spam and sort it out for other people too. Youre not alone.


@haswari … I responded directly to the email you sent. If you have any additional questions / concerns, please respond to the email.


Joe @ NeonMob

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