NeonMob's All About Animals - August Seasonal Series Promotion

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

NeonMob’s August Seasonal Series promotion theme is “All About Animals” and we invite you to submit your best aardvark animations, dingo designs, impala illustrations, penguin pixelations, or seal sketches to show off your love of animals. Take a look at the details below to submit your entry:

  • Create an animal-themed concept utilizing your own original artwork
  • Any kind of animal, any kind of medium … Be creative and have fun!
  • Please no fan art, copyrighted works, or repeat submissions
  • Provide 2 – 3 images, series name, and short description
  • Email your pitch directly to
  • Submit your idea by Sunday July 22 at 11:59PM Pacific to enter

NeonMob will review each pitch and select the top submissions for publication by end of business on Monday July 23. If your idea is selected, here’s what happens:

  • Complete your series with a minimum of 15 cards and complete descriptions
  • Submit as an amateur series by Tuesday July 31 at 12PM Pacific
  • Once submitted, email to confirm series upload and name
  • Following review, NeonMob will update to pro and publish on Wednesday August 1
  • Each August Seasonal Series will run a limited time through Friday August 31
  • Each August Seasonal Series will be showcased in Featured Series
  • Each August Seasonal Series will be showcased in social / forum posts
  • Each August Seasonal Series will receive a higher royalty rate

We hope to publish a number of August Seasonal Series and look forward to seeing your furry, feathered, and ferocious submissions!

The NeonMob Team

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Less than a week left to submit your “All About Animals” series idea for our August Seasonal Series promotion. Any kind of animal, any kind of medium … be creative and have fun! Submit your pitch by Sunday July 22 for a chance to have your series featured as an Official NeonMob Seasonal Series: