NeonMob Seasonal Series ... Reference Links

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I had a couple people ask if I could put together a quick reference forum post with links to all our Seasonal Series in one place … happy to do it! I will update this post regularly to include any new entries, but feel free to comment below on your favorites, to ask questions about entries, or to tell us what other holidays or events you are hoping to see in the future.


Joe @ NeonMob

OCTOBER 2017 - Halloween
Little Witches:
Monster Cats:
Masked Macabre:

NOVEMBER 2017 - Fall
Autumn Animals:
MoeShroom Of Autumn:
Not-So-Sweet Treats:
Through the Cornfield:

DECEMBER 2017 - Winter Holidays
Boas festas, Merry Christmas:
Brazilian HottyDays:
Century Unlimited Christmas:
Winter Serenity:

FEBRUARY 2018 - Valentine’s Day
Love Cards:
Love Games:
Sloth and Hearts:
Valentine’s To-Do:
Weirdos in Love:

MARCH 2018 - Spring
Spring Pets:
Odd Hatchlings:

MAY 2018 - National Photography Month
Magnificent Menagerie I:
A Shadow in the Dark:

JUNE 2018 - Summer
Cosmic Summer:
Summer Means:
A Summer in Italy:

AUGUST 2018 - All About Animals
Birds in the Night:
Animal Inks:

SEPTEMBER 2018 - Fall
Autumn Fallever:
Faeries of the Fall:

Spooky Sketches:
Trick or Treaters:
Play With Me!
Día de Muertos:
Friendly Frights:

Century Unlimited Christmas II:
Winter Wonderland:
Teraqube: Winterlight:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2