Neonmob Artist heads to NYC Art Expo 2018

(Windswept1111) #1

Hey Mobster’s,

I have some great news. I have been approached by a gallery for representation and they have asked for me to exhibit at this years NYC ART EXPO Pier 94 Midtown Manhattan! April 19-22. This is the largest fine art show in the world! When i got the phone message i almost passed out. (listened to it 10 times)
I have a very small budget and i need to come up with the money for the booth fee which is much less because I’m coming in with a gallery and not solo. I will also be the first ever Spray Paint Artist on display at this event in its 40 year history.

You can help me raise this money through my gofundme page. Every dollar helps and i will represent your donations with pride.

Thanks for all the support, i wont let you down.

(Windswept1111) #2

I will have this pioece on display for sale at the Expo and 4 others. Its going to be a sight to see.