Need help to complete some series

(Nathy Loussop) #1

Hi guys I need help to complete some series, people who have dupes from the cards I need already completed the serie what make the trades a little hard, so if you can help me I’ll aprecciate so much. I have a list in my profile from series I’m trying to complete but don’t have more free packs too. Thanks everyone

City of Ruin
Dragonpriest Lineart (chase)
La Noirceur (chase)
Templar Lineart (chase)
Wolfman Lineart (chase)

Breaking ThroughThe Realms
Interperter 2 (chase)

Beauty Bugs
Flea Variant (chase)
Heterometrus Longimanus (chase)
Machaerotypus Sibiricus Fat (chase)

The Bestiarium Vol. 2
Black Unicorn (chase)
White Unicorn (chase)

Kimono Show
Modern Furisode (ER)
Purple Furisode (VR)

Watercolor Wildlife
Alpha (ER)
Alpha - Ink (chase)
Delilha - Ink (chase)
Early Morning Concern - Ink (chase)

Pray By Althéa Pray
Pray #15 (chase)

Alexander (VR)
Blake (VR)
Clara (VR)
Kirk (rare)
Rachael (uncommon)

Eternity (chase)
Naomi (uncommon)
Viola (uncommon)