My first submission “My Sky, Darling”! Longer description /explanation on my submission

(Ximuka) #1

Hello members of NeonMob! I’m grateful for joining the community where I can see all types of artists’ pictures into series. It’s what I’ve been looking for for a while cause I had a major art block lol! Second thing, Im thanking to the people that collects cards from “Colorful Life” series I created! Thank you guys for liking my first amateur serie! I want to make sure that they will enjoy collecting my series that involves something that they feel emotionally in. So I decided to show off my submission for my future RPG game called “My Sky, Darling”.

Link is here too! My Sky, Darling Submission

Now my original submission idea was to make it a gif but I felt that’s a bit time-consuming (I literally spent hours on and off on this drawing.) So I’ll leave it like this for now. (Pst don’t worry it’ll be in gif format soon). This submission is a concept idea of what my game will look like. It’s not a complete thorough detailed game yet. Of course the concepts of the characters will change over time.

Anyway I’ll explain this game’s story. Basically it starts on Earth (reality) where a high school teenager (Female character too but tomboy) does her usual routine. Wake up, school, part time, home, eat, sleep you know? However, when she sleeps, she’d end up in a different realm. A dreamy-like world. This will happen more and more frequently until she noticed an imbalance / corruption in the dream world. Now it’s just a concept idea.

There’ll be couple characters (at least 5-20) in this game. Of course there’ll be diversity. I’m thinking of creating a series collection for “My Sky, Darling” like you’ll see the changes in the drawings such as new scenes added to the game etc. There’s might be a chance that there’ll be series full of pixel art from the game. I’m still learning how to use RPG Maker VX Ace I believe. So yeah!

Feel free to give me your feedback! (Although I can’t spoil too much lol) Hopefully I didn’t make it confusing!

Thank you guys! Hope you have a good day :slight_smile: