Moving to prev/next page doesn't close a trade

(7nik) #1

Do, for example, follow steps:
Open your profile, open any trade and close/accept/decline/… it.
In browser history you will get something like this:
Then click “Go to the previous page” — you’ll go from (3) to (2) and trade window appears.
Then again click “Go to the previous page” — URL in the address bar will change from (2) to (1) but the trade window will not close.
Same happens when you go forward in the history(1)→(2)→(3).

(Lonelee) #2

On web sites where you do anything else than reading you should never use the browser buttons to go back. Doesn’t matter if it’s banking, shopping or neonmob trading. It logically can’t work because the browser history page is outdated.:grinning:

(Mckayrulez) #3

Well considering the url is the trade your going to get the trade. Just don’t use the back and forward buttons and you wont have a problem.

(7nik) #4

You both have made my morning :laughing:
I never have a problem due back/forward buttons, even on my bank site and shops.
I have these buttons on my mouse and for me, easier press them than move cursor to a button that leads me to a needed page, e.g. my profile. The same with my phone closer and easier press “Back” than try to reach a button on opposite side of the screen.

Btw, when you go (3)→(2) the trade window appears without reloading a page that means the window.onpopstate event already is handled to show the trade. But it isn’t handled to hide it.

(Mckayrulez) #5

Oh, do you have mobility issues? I could see a benefit for people with those disorders :frowning_face:, So if this is your problem then I understand the need. :cold_sweat:

(7nik) #6

No, I’m healthy, just a little lazy. Maybe I chose incorrect words because English isn’t my native language.

(Mckayrulez) #7

Ah, well that’s good to hear that you’re okay! :smile:
Well apparently you’re not that lazy if you could take the time to make a thread about it. :grin:

(7nik) #8

But doing it allows me to be lazier in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:
When I’m really not lazy I write userscript to fix my problem or add a required feature. But mobile browsers don’t support extensions/userscripts :pensive: