More Things to Spend Points On

(Pandite) #1

I have been thinking on this one for some time now and I’m not sure if I’ve a solid base, but I would like to spend my points in a way much like an in-game store for an RPG or something. I think it would be neat to have an expansion of Neonmob where we play a point-and-click or a competitive card game, where we use the points we earned from collecting to gain access to items or characters or whatever.
I didn’t think this through and it may need a lot of work to see something of it, but it’d be nice to have an interactive portion to spend say, 1000, 4000, 7000, 10k, 15k, 20k and so on for varying boosts or abilities to use in whatever side game NM could offer.

I always wanted to try a visual novel type of game but I never was able to bring myself to play one.
Maybe a series of visual novel point-and-clicks led by creators where you need to spend 1k per advancement?
If you could add a side game, what would it be?

(mtso 💣) #2

Interesting idea, but it would require some spreadsheet calculations to get the point/credit/money faucets to balance correctly.

If I could add a side game, I’d love to add an art “crypt” treasure raid mini game. A crypt would be a protected collection of cards designed by some creator. A raid would be joined against a crypt with the end goal of getting a pack of cards protected by the crypt. Once joined, a raid has a timer countdown of a couple hours or so. Collectors can group together to join a raid at once (maybe a time window for joining). Higher numbers of collectors would either reduce the countdown duration or increase the rarity of the awarded cards.

(Pandite) #3

I really LOVE this idea. Nothing really ties a ftp together like some good old fashioned teamwork. I’d be up for polishing anything with group partying in mind.