Monster Girls: Bestiary - Popularity Polls!

(Youkaiminori) #1

Hello, I’m YoukaiMinori, creator for the MG: Bestiary (I kinda changed the name from Monster Girls because that was actually taken lol)

Happy to announce that the core drawings for the series is complete! But I still have to create the Chase cards before I officially post the full thing here, and here’s how you can help me finish up!

and it’s sister link, the viewing gallery:

This is a poll where you can vote your favorite, cutest and coolest designed residents of Arcania,

You can vote up to exactly three girls for the three categories, I can’t really implement 3 votes for 3 days fsr, but anyways, yeah!

While there are three categories, I will be making five Chase cards, you’ll just have to find out the other two when the series is released! :wink:

This will be the second last update for MG: Bestiary.

Happy voting!


Hello, Pleasure to meet you YoukaiMinori!

Thank you for sharing your series update and survey :smile: I especially like your Dryad design!
Your Monster Girl Bestiary is adorable thus far, keep up the great work :sunny:

Best wishes for your series!


(Lafwyn) #3

Love them all!! Can’t wait for your set to come out!

(Youkaiminori) #4

Thank you so much!! :heart: I’m happy to hear you find Arcania’s residents adorable!

(Youkaiminori) #5

Thank you!! It won’t be too long before I release the series! :heart: