Minor Publish for Web and iOS: 9/21/17

(Shawn) #1

Greetings all,

Early this morning, we published a minor update to web (iOS to follow shortly).

  • Points display: Your current points total is now displayed between free packs and credits. When you click on points, a menu will appear with a brief description on how to earn and spend points. As new ways on how to earn and spend points are added, this menu will be updated.

  • Streaks: The daily streaks screen has been redesigned. With this update, there is no change to how the daily streak feature works. This was purely a design change to allow for upcoming changes to streaks.

Please reach out with any feedback. An additional publish is tentatively scheduled for a week from now to include bug fixes and issues related to the collection filter bar, trading, and submitted series not being published properly.

As always, please reach out with any feedback or questions.

Happy collecting!

(Naud van Dalen) #2

I like that I can see my credits on mobile (and points everywhere) now, although now it takes a little longer to see if my free packs are full because I need to press a button to see it.

When the window is small enough (like on mobile), the NeonMob text logo gets replaced by the NeonMob gem logo and the counters (free packs, points and credits) get replaced by a button, which expands them and hides the other 3 buttons (friends, trades + messages and alerts). There’s actually enough space for both the buttons and counters, because the NeonMob logo is smaller. Either showing the NeonMob text logo or hiding the counters still fits. And because the counters are way more useful than seeing ‘NeonMob’ next to the gem, you might as well show the counters again. Although that would have been a waste of time to create the button that expands the counters. :stuck_out_tongue: You could also give the button a special color on mobile when the free packs are full and maybe a different color when it’s almost full, like an hour or half hour remaining.

(Qazyn) #3

I like the idea of coloring the counter. Perhaps fill in each point in the star as one pack is available, then the center of the star when the sixth is ready?

(Naud van Dalen) #4

You could show the free packs next to the buttons and have a little button to expand the free packs counter to all 3 counters if there’s not enough space for all of them. Most people only use free packs and it’s nice to immediately see how many free packs you have and how long it takes until you get the next pack.

(Shawn) #5

Additional functionality is planned for the nav bar on mobile web, which is why the expandable counter design was added with points display.

@naud & @qazyn: great suggestions! I’ll add to the list of discussion points with the team.