Make Art & Save the World ... NeonMob's Charity Series!

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June is one of our favorite months of the year … the sun is out, the weather is heating up, and Summer is just around the corner. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy nature as June is both Great Outdoors Month and National Camping Month. You can also support a number of environmental causes in June, like celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8. Here at NeonMob, we think that restoring and preserving the world’s incredible natural spaces is a pretty cool thing and we wanted to find a way to help. That’s where artists like you come in!

NeonMob is searching for artists who would like to contribute one original piece of art for a charity series celebrating nature and our incredible planet. 100% of the proceeds from sales of this series will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to support their efforts in safeguarding the earth, its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. Interested in helping a great cause? To contribute, here’s what you do:

  • Create a nature themed image featuring your own original artwork … we are looking to highlight the wonders of the natural world from animals and fauna to landscapes and seascapes … show us nature at its best!

  • Please make the image size at least 1080 x 1080 at the highest resolution possible

  • Please ensure your image dimensions conform to either 3:4 portrait or 1:1 square

  • Don’t forget your signature in the bottom right corner!

  • Have an older piece you think would work well? Repurpose it for your submission!

  • Include a card description for your image

  • Email your submission to by Friday May 25 at 12PM PDT

Once approved, the best submissions will be added to our charity series supporting the NRDC. This series will launch on Friday June 1 and will be available for collection through June 30. With your help, we hope to offer the NeonMob community a vibrant series celebrating our incredible planet while helping to preserve it for future generations.

Thanks for being a NeonMob creator!

The NeonMob Team

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We’ve already received a lot of great art for our proposed charity series, but we need more! Please help us support a great cause by showcasing your art to the NeonMob community … we hope to see your submission very soon :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

(Matej Bystricky) #4

Do photographs (edited digitally) qualify as well?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

Send it over … I will check it out and let you know. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Heilynyip) #6

Hi, are non members (NeonMob members) eligible to enter this charity series?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

We would prefer is the artist also has a creator profile on NeonMob so we can promote their art to our community directly. But our site is free to use so the barrier to entry for artists is pretty low :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

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There are only 3 days left to submit your art for our charity series to benefit the NRDC … send us your best nature sketches, paintings, and photos before Friday May 25 so we can include your contribution.

Thanks so much for being a NeonMob creator!

Joe @ NeonMob

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Our submission period for our charity series is now closed. We received some truly fantastic contributions from our artist community and I can’t wait to share! Look for this series to be published on June 1.

Thanks again NeonMob creators!

Joe @ NeonMob

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Introducing our NeonMob NRDC Charity Series! 100% of pack sales will be donated to the National Resources Defense Council and their mission to protect our planet’s wild spaces & animals. Available until 6/30 … help a great cause and buy a pack today!


(Koranga) #11

sorry i’m out of date but i have completed series for NRDC. I know it’s not possible cuz submission dates are gone. But my submission and quality of artwork is really good so if you can help. I can submit now .

(Joe @ NeonMob) #12

Ravi, have you completed an entire series? If so, upload as an amateur series and send an email to to let me know the name and I will check it out. Although we can’t include an image in our charity series currently for collection, I can see about publishing to support another event. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

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Less than two weeks left to buy packs of our charity series and support the National Resources Defense Council. 100% of the proceed from this series will go to the NRDC to support their mission to protect the earth’s environment. Support a great cause and get some great art from our contributing NeonMob creators … collect the NeonMob NRDC Charity Series through June 30 and buy packs to donate!

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