Love the new app update (Vs 2.2)

especially the “favourite” option as I do “misuse” that one for indicating which series I am actually opening packs (free or paid) (°). That nice now to toggle. Still wish that out-of-print series, for which you only have traded cards, would appear too. (They do, as in the previous version, when you sort them from A-Z)

Unfortunately, the overview of cards seems to be gone. I loved that view especially to quick check on trades accepted, to see which cards I finally got. Or just to scroll the latest cards I got when opened my packs. Well, you can’t have it all, I guess. :wink:

And still missing the icons “cards you/your partner wishlisted” as “cards from the same series you and your partner are collecting” when trading cards. Hopefully this come in the next update…

keep up the good work, guys!

(°) Once I have my “closure” on a set (= have collected all the cards I wanted), I un-favourite a series. That does not mean, that I don’t like it anymore, it is just my indicator I don’t have to open any packs anymore.

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I agree with Wyando. Thanks for the new version improvements!!! Big step forward and everything feels faster now :grinning::+1: Only the card view screen is worse because it is smaller now with that border window (especially on 4.7 inch displays every pixel counts :grimacing:) and if you turn the phone to landscape it rotates but still shows portrait image and information…