Looking to trade (Updated sets inside)

(Rorschach) #1

Due to the success of my previous post, I came to post an updated list of sets I’m looking for and trading.


-To End All Wars (1 card left)
-Unknown Worlds (1 cards left)
-Dark Fall 2 (3 cards left)
-Blade of the Immortal (5 cards left)
-The Sleep Of Reason (6 cards left)
-Titan War Cyber (8 cards left)
-Dinosaur Card Deck (9 cards left)
-DYSTOPIA (10 cards left)
-Galaxy Girl
-Infinite Shadow
-Dark Fall
-Bubble Realms
-Organika 2
-Decayed Dex


-Cyborganic: Awakening
-Pixelated Galactic Stars
-Dragon Studies Vol.1
-Any Duplicates

Complete (Duplicates for trade):

-Pixel Art Heroes
-Infinite Shadow 2
-Neon Babylon
-Frillion’s Dream Manual
-Fantasy Art of Teal Newcomb 2
-Galactic Monks
-Deep Space Creatures
-Spooky Cubes
-13 Ghosts
-Pokeball Palettes