Looking to complete specific series

(Eiriee) #1

These are series I’ve been collecting for ages and need just a few more to complete. I’ve noted if I have any VR+ dupes to trade. Bolded are higher priority (i.e. core cards), but all are wanted!
All dupes from any series are up for trade, and if you want cards I only have one copy of, message me and I’ll consider :slight_smile:

My profile

Robots 00:

  • Robot 01

Homo Canis:

  • uncolored versions

Strange Beasts:

  • Tapir Subspecies
  • Toothpaste Subspecies

Woodland Critters:

  • The Beginning

Monster Stickers (Feriodron + Piggertot dupes):

  • Golden Statue IV

Fauna Hypnagogica BS1:

  • Arvazoth
  • Humans v.1
  • Humans v.4
  • Humans v.6
  • Darcazum V

1 KowaiiawaK:

  • Demonique Darko
  • Discount Trap Card
  • Eyelice Witchling
  • Pool Party
  • Kumotho (Variant)


  • Masks Title Card