Looking for Travels in Oil 2 and 3 Chase

(Arcanamoon) #1

As the post title says, I’m looking for the Travels in Oil 2 and 3 chase cards that I don’t currently own so I can finish off the series’. Travels in Oil 2 is out of print and I’m still missing 11 chase cards. There are very low card counts for this series, which is why I only have one duplicate chase card for trade. Travels in Oil 3 isn’t out of print yet, but will be in a few days. I’m still missing 9 chase cards from that series and have no duplicate chase cards up right now except for one that’s currently being bargained in another trade. Not trading singles from any of my series’, and here’s a link to my account - https://bit.ly/2H061Hi
Hit me up with a trade and if you can’t offer for the Travels in Oil series’, I’d really appreciate it if you helped with anything else I’m missing (believe me there’s a lot!). Happy collecting!