Looking for Technicolor Streets (chase cards)

(Neonmobster 21622) #1

As the title says, I’m looking to finish out Technicolor Streets… I’d like to avoid opening another couple hundred packs if I can. Have a decent chunk of cards from the same series to trade as well as cards from…

  • 13 Ghosts
  • PJ Style
  • Black & White
  • Daydreams
  • DFT - Cartoonized
  • Frayed
  • The Gumpies
  • Jlitch365 III
  • Samurais and Food
  • Space City: Meterex
  • Space City Zoitrus
  • Tosdalat
  • Weird World

Lemme know if you see something you’d be willing to trade for! Thanks!

my profile link.

(Qazyn) #2

I’ve got two of them, been chasing a 50-count Variant of To End All Wars for (literally) over a year now.

If you manage to pull that Variant, you can have either of those TS Chases. It’s an Amateur Series (because of copyrighted content), so I can’t pull more than two packs a day regardless of what I do.