Looking for friends

(Neonmob100) #1

Hello, Just discovered this site, and I’m hoping to get lots of friends and lots of trades :slight_smile: my page is https://www.neonmob.com/neonmob100
thanks :slight_smile:

(JB) #2

Welcome! Good luck on your collecting!

Oh and be sure to check out this thread to get free packs of sets released.
It should help you get started.

(Remarkableshock) #3

Me too!! https://www.neonmob.com/remarkableshock

(Valhala) #4

Hey guys, Im a friend of neonmob100 :slight_smile: he told me about this site, so I dont have many friends here. Please feel free to trade :smiley:

(Valhala) #5

Excuse me mister, do you happen to know why I cant trade? thanks :wink:

(JB) #6

Joe can you help this user @valhala with their issue trading?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

So what exactly is happening when you try to trade? Please email me at support@neonmob.com and explain the issue (screenshots help) … thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Neonmob100) #8

I think her problem got solved, whatever it was. I just traded with her yesterday