List of sets expiring in May ‘17

(Peopleschampion) #1


List of sets going out of print this month:

May 3:
Creatures of unkown

May 7:
Ghost Farm

May 8:
Teraqube: Ruins Arising

May 9:
Floppy Nostalgia

May 10:
Fantasy Art of Teal Newcomb

May 13:
A Magical Christmas

May 14:
Spooky party

May 15:
In Dreams

May 17:
Sweet Love
Have a nice day

May 21:
A pirate’s life

May 29:
The Circle
Allentots Inktober 2016

May 31:
Idol Mixer

Featured AMATEUR sets (basically sets I like or with a healthy fanbase): (May 2) (May 3) (May 8) (May 9) (May 10) (May 15) (May 18) (May 21) (May 24) (May 28) (May 30)

I collected Creatures of Unkown, Mirror Images and Desk of Mizuno Toshikata, I have dupes in those and random cards in the rest that I like to trade.

I’m looking for Forest Vibrations (Amateur) and Fantasy Art of Teal Newcomb.

(Ottscee) #2

Great list! I wish I had seen it sooner! any chance you have one for June?

(Peopleschampion) #3

I made them at the end of the month. I’ll try to post June sooner to get a chance to finish the first ones.

(GreenSpleen) #4

Wow I just happened to stumble across this but have you been posting stuff like this for a while? You made the organization crazily convenient. I’m not sure of any other place that lists expiring series for a particular month all in one shot.

So cool! :smiley: