List of sets expiring in June ‘17

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List of sets going out of print in June:

June 4:
L’art Confiture Pack 01

June 10:
War of Nohark
Wide Spell

June 12:
Call Center: Disconnect!

June 14:
City of Ruin

June 20:
Breaking Through The Realms

June 22:
Microscopic World

June 26:
Sunflow: Red the Wolf
Battle Colors
Little Princess

June 27:
Furry monsters
My Favorite Things, Part 2

June 28:
Queen #5 by Althéa

Featured AMATEUR sets (basically, sets I like or with a healthy fanbase): (June 11) (June 12) (June 12) (June 13) (June 22) (June 27)

I collected Sunflow: Red the Wolf, I have dupes for trade and cards in the rest up for trade.

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Thank you for taking the time to post these threads! :purple_heart:

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yes, this is very much appreciated! :blue_heart:

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I’m collecting Afrikanimals, if anyone wants to trade to finish off the collection.

Also, I think I’ll start on Series #1 and try to finish it in the next two weeks…

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