List of sets expiring in August '17

(Peopleschampion) #1


List of sets going out of print in August:

August 1:
Queen #6 by Althéa .P
Samurais and Food

August 5:
The Notebook of E.W. Grimes
PRAY by Althéa Pray

August 6:
DFT - Cartoonized

August 7:
Monster Gals

August 8:

August 12:
Dinosaur Card deck

August 14:
Equinox: Ravendread Ascending

August 15:
Breakfast Time
Glitch Girls

August 16:
Lucid Oddities
Monsterz #2

August 20:
The Girl and the Unicorn
Fruit Punch

August 22:
Omoide: Memories of Japan
Unreal Album Cover Art

August 23:
Mythic: Creature Collection I

August 26:
Alternate Universes V1

August 27:
Fractal Floral Forest Vol 1

August 28:
Mr. Ull’s Bonsai Collection

August 29:
Painted in time

Featured AMATEUR sets (basically, sets I like or with a healthy fanbase): (Aug 03) (Aug 04) (aug 04) (Aug 07) (Aug 07) (Aug 13) (Aug 16) (aug 28)

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Was gonna posted this same exact list on Friday but ya beat me too it … nice work! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Peopleschampion) #3

I try to do it earlier so the guys interested in sets ending the first days of the month have a chance to finish. I have no problem if you want to do it next month :slight_smile:

(JB) #4

well he is the people’s champion :wink: