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Teaser description: “Mysterious creatures dwell within the forest on the other side of the river. It is said that when the children of the neighboring village come of age, they must enter the forest and begin their quest~”

My current plans for this series include adding onto the original creature-set and including some traditional hand-drawn/colored pieces as Chases/Variants. Each card will also add to the storyline for the series :sunny:

For more information, updates, and feedback, follow this link to Rynn Hanna’s thread.

(Aurelyenne) #42

Here’s my first submission! Its a photography set based on the sky. I love photographing sunsets, sunrises, and all the beautiful cloud formations that pass by. I already have all the photos taken and edited so it’ll be super easy to finish up. All cards will be the same square size with a handful of original crop variants for the ones that really shine best that way.

Feel free to comment if there are any specific types of skies or colors you’d love to see! I’ll do my best to include them :partly_sunny:

(Camy) #43

Here’s my first one~

Based on yin yang matched with simple shapes that hold a deep meaning. The slight touch of the two opposites will soon grow, common being a slight one while rare will be touching almost entirely. Extremely rare ones will not touch, symbolizing chaos.

(Lulustar) #44

There’s not much photographic series on NeonMob right now.
So I guessed I had to do one. :slight_smile:
Say hello to “My life in close-ups”, with photographs reflecting our modern life and how meaningless and absurd it can be.
Those are all shot in telephoto, since minimum environment helps to identify with them.

Feedback (and maybe ideas :slight_smile:) would be very appreciated.

(Beirud) #45

here’s my new one

(Ruygda) #46

Hello this is my new submission :grinning:

(Lisaa) #47

I’ve been doing some experimenting with just ordinary photographs and felt like it would make a good series. It feels like they’re photograpgs from another world :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the submission

And here are some examples from the possible sereis:

(Firestarr) #48

I’ve been in a creative slump lately, and just drawing random things and deleting them… but when I drew a random face yesterday, my son insisted that it was Santa, and so I made him into Santa. This inspired me to be more creative and create a series of Christmas related art, that I am hoping will be liked enough by the community, and be approved and released somewhere closer to Christmas time. Thank you in advance for any and all votes!

(Solsticesun) #49

I would really appreciate some votes for my two open submissions!

Love to everyone!

(Trickysleeves) #50

Thank you for taking the time to check out my card!! Please vote:
Thanks!! :slight_smile:

(Bluecatpk) #51

Please vote if you like it. Any feedback would be nice too.

Other than the examples of characters seen in the submission, here is finished up additional one:
One of the Degu brothers, Morticius

And here are Lucia (Chameleon) and Alex (Bunny) playing games (They are roommates.)
The image is not finished yet.

(Goldenxguppyxart) #53 Here’s mine!!!

(Rendem) #54

Support my submission

(Dorothee Rudolph) #55

You seem to have copied an incomplete link, that doesn’t work.

(Rendem) #56

i have replace it thanks again
i have to pratic a bit but i learn :slight_smile:

(Skitzomniac) #57

Hello, Friends! Here is my link!

Comments on it would be greatly welcomed! Your interest pushes me forward!

(Manly Unikorn) #58

I don’t know if this thread is still open or active? but here’s mine ^^

(Popsiicles) #59

Here is mine :smiley:

(Yakov Boyo) #60

This is mine:

(matronator) #61

Abstract wallpapers:

More examples: