Links to your submissions for "easier" voting

(Megarose) #21

Mine’s here: the idea is basically a series of images and facts about a fictional species

(Castinbronze) #22

Had some attention early on, but needs more votes please! :innocent:
The series [Monstarcana] is 22 core cards, plus chase/variants
They are tarot cards with a cute monster representing each Major Arcana card

(Trendepan) #23

Hi! I have mine up for voting! Check it out please!

(Lmcusb) #24

Hoping to make a second pro series.

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(xUsako) #25

While waiting for my first series to get approved for release, decided to go ahead and submit a second idea for a series. It’s about girls with rapunzel-length hair
Unlike the first one, this one will be done traditionally. Oh, and no chibi characters :smiley:

(xUsako) #26

The fact that my first series was way smaller than what I intended isn’t giving me any rest, so I decided to try and get a second part, which this time I’ll give my all to properly present with all the monsters I wanted, but couldn’t put in the first one.
If I end up with two series on my hands, I’ll just juggle them :smiley: The fact that one is digital and the other - traditional helps immensely.

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(Shandeeandchristopher) #27

This thread is a neat idea. Thanks!

Below is a traditional art submission we’d like to get some attention to. It features dragons in their everyday lives. The blue and green hatchlings in the shot have a few images, which we want to turn into a collectible short story within the series. We currently have 15 images, though we want to expand it into 25-30. Something fairly large but attainable, with a couple extra rare Chase cards.

(Caitybeth) #28

Yet another Caitybeth series in the making…

This one is called Falling Food (could be Series 1 of multiple if it becomes popular).

It will consist of an alphabetical series of fruits and vegetables illustrated to appear as if they are falling. On my list so far: avocado, banana, cherry, eggplant, kiwi, etc.

Please check it out! :smiley:

(Stephanie Bachman) #29

Thank you for starting this thread. It is wonderful to see the series people are creating. Best of luck to all who post.

If I may, I would like to get the word out about this series:

A game of hide and seek with rhe creatures of the woods.
Any comments or votes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Have a wonderful dat.

(xUsako) #30

That looks like something that came out of a children’s book, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s hogging up on whimsical art. I hope this gets approved, I would definitely be collecting it <3

(Stephanie Bachman) #31

:smiley: Thank you very much!
For all those that helped get my series published by voting, thank you. Please enjoy a gift of some free cards;

(Inklionarts) #32

Hey guys,
looks like some really cool stuff going around,
I just submitted today.

Space God -

Would be great to know what you think, I’ve also started a thread around the topic with some early previews, if anyone would like to give me any specific feedback, it’d be greatly appreciated.


(Brandy19892011) #33

I’m working on a new series. Its on emotions/feelings. I don’t know how good it is let m know what you think. Here is a small preview of it. It is all watercolor and has an emotion or feeling for every letter of the alphabet. here is the link if you like it and want to vote.

(Brandy19892011) #34

(Brandy19892011) #35

(Lisaa) #36

Even though photography is my favourite way of creating I’ve mostly had other kinds of series approved. So… here’s another attempt at a photography series :slight_smile:
I’m guessing there will be around 10 pictures. These are just rough edits I did using my phone since I had no computer around and couldn’t really wait, but it will look something like this :slight_smile:

Link to sumbission

(Tragion) #37

Here’s a link to my photographic series

(Chadcrossbones) #38

My first submission - a comic ive had in my brain for a while. steampunky eyecandy

(Beirud) #39

(Chadcrossbones) #40