Links to your submissions for "easier" voting

(Goldenxguppyxart) #53 Here’s mine!!!

(Rendem) #54

Support my submission

(Dorothee Rudolph) #55

You seem to have copied an incomplete link, that doesn’t work.

(Rendem) #56

i have replace it thanks again
i have to pratic a bit but i learn :slight_smile:

(Skitzomniac) #57

Hello, Friends! Here is my link!

Comments on it would be greatly welcomed! Your interest pushes me forward!

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(Manly Unikorn) #58

I don’t know if this thread is still open or active? but here’s mine ^^

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(Popsiicles) #59

Here is mine :smiley:

(Yakov Boyo) #60

This is mine:

(Matej Bystricky) #61

Abstract wallpapers:

More examples:

(Mendiolla ) #62

These are mine :slight_smile: hopefully you could take a look.


(Chosho) #64

Waifus? Fanservice? Doesn’t seem like more but it sure is! … At least I wanna proof it, so here’s mine!

For the curious ones: Here is the link to the whole featured group

(faye) #66

look at it, maybe even vote.


Inktober Animals! :frog: :black_heart:

(Dsurion) #68

Working on Pixel art rpg scenes

(GreenSpleen) #69

Strange Sodas :cup_with_straw::tumbler_glass:

(Katig) #70

Here is my first submission:

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

(Chihiroruin) #71

Hello everyone ^^ I released Pt.1 to this series a bit ago and decided to make Pt.2. This one is filled with not only digital (GIFS and still images) but also my journey through starting back with traditional art ^^. I would greatly appreciate y’all checking it out and giving it a vote ^^

Thank you!

(Insert Disc 2) #72

Rust’s Wares, A pixel art series with about 40 cards each containing an artifact found during Rust’s travels. A few example cards:

If you like these remember to vote to see this become a full series!

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(Yrya Chan) #73

My latest submission, a series about the Mermay 2019 challenge: