Known Issues (Reference Thread)

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Our development team is constantly working toward making NeonMob a better trading community, that includes moving quickly to resolve any issues, bug, or glitches on the platform. In the case that our team needs to address a problem, this reference thread will list outstanding issues affecting collectors on the NeonMob platform and the resolution status.

Comments are disabled on this thread as it is intended only as a reference guide for known issues. Check the comments below to see if the issue you are experiencing is listed. If the issue is listed in the thread below, we are already working toward a fix and you will not need to contact us; if the issue is not listed below, please document the problem and contact us as instructed below to report a bug.


Please follow these instructions to report a possible bug:

  • Send an email to Sending an email is the most effective way for us to securely share the information you provide with our development team.
  • Include the subject line “Bug Report from [username] on [date]” and fill in your username and the date you are submitting the report. As an example, if I were to send a bug report on Christmas the subject line would read: “Bug Report from vagrantscout on 12/25/18.”
  • Provide a detailed account of the problem including:
    • Where you are experiencing the issue (iOS app, NeonMob website, forums)
    • When you first noticed the problem (hours/days/weeks ago)
    • What function the issue is affecting (collecting, trading, messaging, creating, etc)
    • How the bug is impeding normal use (“it should do this, but instead does that”)
  • Send multiple screenshots of the issue so we can see all aspects of what you are describing.

A member of the team will respond to your email typically within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt and provide guidance (if applicable).

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BUG REPORT as of 9/14/18
Our team is still currently working to resolve some past issues as they have turned out to be more extensive than originally thought:

  • Discarded series still listed in collections: This issue is our main focus at the moment and our original estimate was no correct. We hope this issue is resolved by end of September now (end of the month).
  • Discarded cards sill listed in overview: Tied to the above issue with same resolution window (end of the month).
  • Anonymous User unavailable in trade window: We have discovered that these user should not be showing up in the trade profile at all and need to be removed from the search field. We have diagnosed the issue but still search for the correct solution. Additionally, the top two issue take precedence so resolution will come after we fix the 0% series and discarded chase issues (sometime in October).
  • Incomplete filter showing 100% completed series: This filter is not working correctly by pulling incorrect series information and will be fixed to only show the correct incomplete series. This issue is being looked into and should be resolved soon (timeline TBD).
  • Some series not showing in collections on iOS app: There is a situation that occurs when you collect a series exclusively through trading and never open a pack (for example, you collect an out-of-print series only through trading). These series appear in collection on web but not on iOS. This issue is being researched (timeline TBD).