Join the all-new NeonMob Ambassador Program!

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Members that have been collecting with NeonMob for some time may remember, or may have been a part of, the former Ambassador program. Well, we’re excited to announce that we’re rebooting the program and looking for passionate collectors and artists to apply!

We want your help in guiding the future of NeonMob, so we’ve shifted the focus for Ambassadors and added a few benefits to the program …

Ambassadors will:

  • Provide feedback and be able to shape the future of NeonMob
  • Have direct access to the team through private forums and Slack channels
  • Be granted access to our staging environment for testing new features
  • Be invited to round-table discussions with the devs
  • Receive the “Ambassador” title on their profile
  • Sign an NDA … You can’t share any confidential information about NeonMob
  • Volunteer their time … All requests are optional & there are no time commitments

Want to apply? Just PM @vagrantscout or email with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • You NeonMob username
  • A link to your collector profile
  • Number of cards in your collection
  • Approximate hours spent collecting on NeonMob each week
  • A few reasons why you’d like to be a NeonMob Ambassador

Were you a former Ambassador that would like to be a part of the new program? No need to re-apply, just reach out directly to opt in. Regardless of prior involvement, all Ambassadors will need to sign a new NDA.

We have a lot of exciting things to share in 2018, and the Ambassador program is just the beginning. We hope you will help make NeonMob an even better platform for artists and collectors alike!

The NeonMob Team

PS: Just a reminder not to message us directly and to not post your personal information publicly in the forum … thanks! :slight_smile:


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