Issue with Milestones not popping

(Gavin569380) #1

Any one else having this problem? Three in three days now, all following an accepted trade which completed a rarity (all commons, all rares etc.) and in the last case a core set too.With the first of these three sets I still had a lot to collect so I opened more packs and pulled the common I had received in the trade. The milestone popped. In the last case case though the set is now complete and therefore i’ve no reason to open any more packs other than to get the milestone!

(Dorothee Rudolph) #2

Yes, I do. I’ve got this issue with the “Mythic: Creature Collection I” by Mythka. In my case, the extremely rare milestone didn’t show up and after I’ve completed the core set, the core set milestone is also miissing. I’m still opening packs, because I’m hunting three chases, so maybe I that milestone will show up, if I draw a duplicate of the extremely rares.

(Naud van Dalen) #3

I collected 10,000 cards a few days ago and didn’t get the Smithsonian milestone immediately, but I finally got it today! :grin: I did send an email to, but I don’t know if that was what fixed it, because I didn’t receive an email saying it’s solved.

(dave d) #4

Site really isn’t loading my account at all. Something’s definitely broken.

(Mbergmaier) #5

I have all cards of Mr Flyt’s but the Milestone for the Core Series didn’t shown up!

(Dorothee Rudolph) #6

The missing two milestones finally showed up over the night: interestingly the core set milestone appeared before the all extremely rares milestone. That one only turned up now after I drew another extremely rare card of the series.

(Chimizu) #7

Late to the party, but I had this happen yesterday (10 hours ago, according to that little log). Was missing a VR, got the milestone for that one when I pulled it (FINALLY!) but not the core series milestone. I didn’t think it’d bother me this much. I’m not sure if it’ll fix itself or if I’ll have to keep opening packs for it (I’m not going to do that).

So uuuuh, with that in mind, here’s a weird request:

If anyone reading this has the Spring Dragon card from Dragonry, would you mind doing a trade for it? As in, sending each other the same card? I’m hoping that’ll fix it, if not, guess I’ll be sending support an email :frowning:

edit: the above doesn’t work :sob:

(Vossk) #8

I have the same issue in NOSTALGIA SHENANIGANS✧, I have collected all cards but no Core Series or All Rares Milestones :sob:

(Hibarikyoya18) #9

i also have an issue about milestones :frowning: the all extremely rare, core series and full series milestone is missing in the The Nostalgia Shananigans series… all very rares, core series and full series in sweeties series… all very rares, all extremely rares and core series in Mythic: Creature collection II… i hope neonmob fix it.

(Hibarikyoya18) #10

it also happened to the travelling series but good thing after opening another free pack it popped out and i also tried it to the three series but now… nothing happens!

(Gavin569380) #11

Seems to be quite common then judging by the above, thanks for sharing your problems! I thought the issue had gone away, no further problems after the initial three, then it started happening again. Worst one yet was I got the final chase for Nostalgia Shenanigans but no full series Milestone. This wasn’t a trade either, it came from a pack. It’s one thing opening packs hoping a rare will appear and trigger the milestone but another looking for another chase.

Does anyone from Neonmob read these things? Surprised we haven’t had an official comment given the amount of issues reported above.

(Daniemarie) #12

I’m having the same issues, and on multiple different series, both with cards gotten in trade and pulled from packs

(Dorothee Rudolph) #13

This bug has also hit me again with the series “Dragon Studies Vol. 1”. I just drew the last missing card of the core series, a very rare, but neither that milestone (nor the one for the core series) have shown up. I haven’t kept track if it happened with other series, too. I will still open packs of this series, as there are several chases left to collect.


I got it for queens #7 where im missing three milestones: very rare, extremely rare, and core series. I think I traded to get those though so

(Dorothee Rudolph) #15

Yesterday when I opened packs and received a different very rare card, the milestones suddenly turned up.

(Nicodeamus) #16

Seems like I am receiving milestones again, including ones I’ve previously unlocked. At least we can actually get them now!