Is the full series badge removed?

After appearing of the milestones sidebar, I completely finished a few series but got only rarity badges.

Core series milestone award has replaced full series. Below is an example from my collection showing all the possible series milestones. You receive a milestone reward for each core rarity and then another milestone for collecting the entire core series 100%. After the core series milestone badge, the last three slots are for chase, variant, and legendary. You will receive milestone rewards for collecting all the special cards of a series regardless of whether you have completed the core series. If a rarity type is not available in a series, the badge icon will be crossed out. In the example below, the series doesn’t have any variant cards or legendary cards so those badges are crossed out.

But, as I see, other series milestones weren’t changed. Though, the reward of the full series milestone was apportioned between the special rarity milestones.
Just the full series milestone was an additional motivation to complete special rarities.

Btw, why did you not posted a news about the update, especially about so noticeable one?

This is exactly what I have been wondering. And asked a couple of times in different places on the forums but was never responded to or acknowledged… :expressionless::unamused:

Sorry all, just been super busy covering a bunch of different aspects while team members are on holiday. If there is still any confusion as to this latest update for milestone suggestions, please let me know and I will do my best to provide the answer. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

Yeah I am not happy with it’s removal!! Just sayin!!