Is a card print_quantity/count changable in an amatuer series?

(Todam) #1

In most series all cards are finite, each card having an exact number of prints existing/availible. Is it possible to set a costume amount? How can one series creator change the amount? Is it possible to set a costume amount in an amatuer series?
Sorry for any poor gramar, I’m a Russian learning English.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Most series released now are unlimited, meaning there is no finite card count for a pack. Instead, series are available for a specific time frame for collection (3 months for amateur and 6 months for pro). Amateur series will all remain unlimited moving forward. Pro series will have limited edition functionality re-introduced in the future but will only be granted to specific series based on admin / staff determination (pro creators will not have the ability to create limited edition series themselves). - Joe @ NeonMob