Infinite or not?

(Lonelee) #1

I wonder why the “infinite” word and symbol is used. Technically the card count is just not fixed but not infinite. You can even estimate where the card count will end up after a certain portion of the print time is over. So should the infinite symbol not be a question mark?

And another question: Lets say a lot of people recycle a card after the series has gone out of print and the card count was fixed: will the count go down then reflecting the real existing number or not?

(7nik) #2

We can say, while a series is available, we can generate approximately infinite number of cards.
Also, take a look like a new user: infinite symbol says that you can get as many cards as can, while question mark says that the site can’t tell the number of cards or don’t want do it (and in fact it is fixed number).

(JB) #3

The infinite count allows for all the variations depending on how many packs are pulled while it’s available. So if a set is really popular, more users have a chance to complete it. Back in the day before infinite sets all had fixed numbers, so the lowest count card (ER) would be the total users that could possibly complete the core set if no one hoarded duplicates.

(Lonelee) #4

Yes I know the difference to the old sets with predefined count. That was not my point. The question mark was a bad idea considering the new user point from 7nik. But still the new series have unlimited and not infinite count. Guess I am the only one here who likes mathematically correct terms.:blush:

(Sima Seal4) #5

Except they’re also not unlimited, they’re limited by the time. I’d say the “mathematically correct” term here would be undefined. It’s not potential infinite, as potential infinite is defined as “The potential infinite is a group of numbers or group of “things” that continues without terminating, going on or repeating itself over and over again with no recognizable ending point.”(Google) and it does have a recognizable ending point - time. It’s not infinite, as that would imply an already infinite number of cards, which we simply do not have.

Why “Undefined” works: the number of cards is undefined until the series is over. Another term for this type of series could be “Timed”. Or “Unfixed”.

But either way, I believe “Infinite” is absolutely incorrect in this context.

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