I'm tired of trading for old cards

I do a lot of trades to collect old series. But for such trades, you need only cards from OoP series. Also, to do the best offer you need open user profile page to get additional info.
So I decided to write an userscript which helps me with trading.
It do the following things:

Card count filter

Allows you to display cards with only a finite or infinite count of cards. (Note, finite card count doesn’t mean that series is out of print).

Series reset

Adds button to easily reset chosen series without scrolling or moving scrollbars.

Collection progress

Adds a line with collection progress of both users. It allows you to estimate user interest in cards from this series.

Links to series and collections

Turns series name to a link to it.
Collection progress also is a link to the collection.

How to get the usercript

To use usercript you need an appropriate extension. I recommend Tampermonkey (Chrome Webstore, Firefox Add-ons).
Then you need to download the userscript and the extension automatically offers you install it.


Sound great, will look into this tomorrow :slight_smile: (After midnight here, good night from Cologne!)

This is amazing! It’s like you read my mind. :star_struck: These are exactly the featured I’ve been wanting to see added to the trade screen.