I submitted an ameatur series 14 days ago, but it hasn't been posted yet

(Squidguy83) #1

It has the green circle and usually when a series isn’t accepted I get a reason and it turns yellow.

(Sierra) #2

I’m sorry for the delay. I’m behind on publishing series at the moment. What is the name of the series and I’ll try and get to it today or tomorrow.


(Squidguy83) #3

Simply Shoddy, thanks!

(Ulises) #4

Hi! I have this problem too. Im not able to submit my complete series.
My user is Ulises, I’ve uploaded some preview weeks ago, please tell me what to do to be able to upload my complete exclusive series.


Ulises Costilla
Graphic Designer + Illustrator (UBA ARGENTINA)

(JB) #5

The person that approves sets has shared on another post that she has been away on and off.
Email support@neonmob.com your concerns and hopefully @sierra will get back to you soon.

(Sierra) #6

Hi there!

I’m so sorry to hear you are having trouble uploading your series. Are you certain your images are meeting the following requirements?
Images must have a minimum height and width of 1024 pixels.
The width to height ration must be between 2:1 and 1:2.
Formats supported: PNG, JPG, TIFF, MP4, and GIF.

If it isn’t one of the stipulations above that’s causing you problems, please send me a direct message at: support@neonmob.com so I can troubleshoot with our team.

Thanks so much!

(Squidguy83) #7

Hi, about the series where I had to remove the Spongebob card, can you send it back to me so it can be completely removed? I had resubmitted it with his face removed to see if you would approve it, but now I can’t go back and edit it.