I might have found a glitch?

(Sima Seal4) #1

I have been using this set of rules(which I think is the default):

But for some reason(this is the only series I’ve noticed) Psychobabble won’t show up on this page, even though I have some special(chase) cards in there! I don’t know how this happened, because none of these settings should restrict any series from coming through. I’m worried about this because I might have some series I don’t know about that I want to trade away/purge/finish,

Intentional, my ignorance, or bug?

(7nik) #2

The first filter is Your Recent Series so you can only see the series where you have opened at least one pack. If you got Psychobabble’s cards only through trading, you will not see this series there.

Though, I agree that the work of the Recent Series filter is quite counterintuitive.

(Lonelee) #3

Maybee the filter should be renamed so it is clear it only shows “recently opened packs”.:slightly_smiling_face: