Hunting for old series

(Cb) #1


I am collecting the old series like The Rulers of Eldera, Places to Hide, Deadly Catsins and such.
They look amazing and have really beautiful art.

I am trying to get them and been working at it but it seems people are not interested for trades. Many traders own over 20 pieces per card but still even if I offer a Chase for an Uncommon I still get refused so I am trying now with this post on the forums.

If you have such a cool series, you can ask for any type of card (as long as I have 2 of them). Any Chase you want for a gray one, no problem :sunglasses:

(JB) #2

Just some feedback.

The difficulty with trying to trade for old sets, as that many users that have them value them higher than the infinite sets that come out now. Their value is easier to assign since they have a specific print count, rarity and pack odds that makes trying to compare them to new sets difficult.

Also, there is the fact that if the old set is out of free packs, or out of print, many value these cards at a higher worth, since ways to get these cards are now only by trading.

Many users will not part with these prints easily, as their value is often-times higher than what most offer. For myself, I typically only trade them for equally hard to get pieces.

In specific example - Places to Hide sold out very fast - and the print count for this set is so low, this will be extremely hard to find people to trade with. Your best bet would be to look at each owner, and see if you can find pieces in older sets they collect and offer those. It will be more about helping them finish something they have been working for - and a bit of luck.

Older sets are a challenge my friend - but if you can collect them - the journey is almost just as worth it.

Good luck and Happy Collecting (and Holidays)!

(Cb) #3

Yes, I know the value of old sets also the real challenge to complete one, that’s why I do everything I can to get some. But is true, I didn’t expect people to be so hard to convince to trade as what I offered was at the same art quality level.
Well the journey begins :slight_smile:

(JB) #4

Glad you have an adventurer’s spirit - to aid your journey - you should share your profile link in your initial post - so if anyone is interested, they can send you an offer. :slight_smile:

EDIT: you should also check out this older thread post - it talks about how some users value prints and what they consider fair offers when trading. Might be helpful